Avengers: No Surrender Writers Talk New Villains, Voyager's Mystery

What's it like writing the Black Order? What do you find most interesting about them as a team?

Ewing: I mean, I wrote Proxima Midnight and Ebony Maw for a couple of issues - as things have turned out, I'm not sure I've touched them again, although I did write a nice moment for Black Dwarf. They're much more of a cohesive unit than the Lethal Legion - the Legion are kind of chaotic, a gang of assorted space weirdos, while the Black Order come across as a well-oiled machine. But then, in Marvel, the underdog is often the one to bet on...

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Zub: Yeah, I wrote a lot of action scenes with the Black Order and Lethal Legion while Al and Mark did heavy lifting with the other big plot reveals and character interactions to make it run. As Al said, the Black Order knows their strengths and are far more organized. They have deep loyalties to each other and their cause. The Lethal Legion are a ragtag bunch with something to prove.

Waid: Finding some threads to stitch the Lethal Legion together as a team was fun and an interesting challenge. I like the Black Order, but were I a gambling man, I (and others) would put money on the Legion.

Finally, can you leave us with some hints about what's coming up in the remaining chapters of Act I?

Ewing: Heavy hitters will be assigned. Old homes will be explored. Mistakes will be made.

Zub: Part 3 reveals some of the power operating behind the scenes. Part 4 takes a dark turn. Part 5 gives you a big piece of the puzzle.

Waid: The smartest thing I've ever seen superheroes do when they find two teams of supervillains in mortal combat with one another.

Zub: I love hearing from readers as they get excited and theorize about what's coming next. This weekly format creates momentum in a way I haven't experienced before, especially on this grand a scale. It's a rush.

Waid: I still love how we started with "The Earth has been stolen" and then found a way to make the story even bigger.

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