Marvel's 16-Part Avengers: No Surrender Story Is Completely Written


Marvel Comics will essentially merge four of its titles (AvengersNew Avengers, U.S.Avengers and Uncanny Avengers) into one in early 2018, when the 16-part Avengers: No Surrender weekly storyline kicks off in Avengers #675. As fans are well aware, there can be many moving parts when it comes to releasing a weekly comic, creative delays that can affect the publishing schedule. However, Al Ewing tells CBR that he and his writing partners have done their bit to avoid that with Avengers: No Surrender, as all 16-parts of the story have been completely written before the first chapter has even been released.

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"Every single issue has some of me in it - sometimes it's just a couple of pages, sometimes it's half an issue or more, and sometimes it's an equal third, but readers will have to guess for themselves who's writing what pages," Ewing said in an upcoming interview with CBR. "You might be able to spot the occasional writing tic here and there, but we've managed to merge into a pretty seamless writing machine - in fact, I can reveal that every issue is now fully plotted and, barring any alterations for the lettering drafts, entirely dialogued as well, before the first issue of the weekly storyline is even out! That's probably the best sign of how well the collaboration has been working; that level of efficiency."

Launching in January with Avengers #675 and running through #690, Avengers: No Surrender is written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub, and illustrated by Pepe Larraz, Kim Jacinto and Paco Medina.

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