Avengers No Road Home Writers Spill the Secrets on The 'No Surrender' Sequel

"No Surrender" was very much about showing the Avengers as Earth's Mightiest Heroes because their home planet was at risk. The title for this story, No Road Home, suggests you're taking your cast away from Earth. So, what can you tell us about where your Avengers head out to and what kind of trouble they get into during No Road Home?

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Zub: The cast is smaller but the scope, in many ways, is larger. Voyager sees a horrific evil arriving/returning to cause havoc and before she can even warn the Avengers, a group of very powerful beings is laid to waste. Our heroes are brought together under the crunch to figure out what this evil wants and how to stop it. That quest is going to take them to some unexpected locales and put them through the wringer, with the very distinct possibility that some of them won’t survive.

Waid: We did want a smaller cast so that we could have more personal moments, but by the end of the story, you’ll see -- hang on. Brevoort.

Ewing: We’ll be seeing some locations that’ll be familiar to Marvelites old and new – from the classics to the modern day – and one locale in particular is probably going to make your head explode. As for trouble – this is going to be something of a tempering fire for our cast. They’re not going to all come out of it the same as they went in.

EXCLUSIVE: Art by Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Jesus Aburtov

No Road Home reunites you with Paco Medina and Sean Izaakse who you worked with on “No Surrender" and on other occasions as well. What's it like telling this story with Paco and Sean?

Zub: Paco and Sean are top flight superhero artists and on No Road Home they are delivering the absolute highest quality of their careers so far. We certainly didn’t hold back on the epic scope of this story, so they’re just going for broke in every scene. Thankfully, we have a solid lead time built into the schedule so both of them can have the time they need to deliver that quality without burning out.

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Sean and I have been partnered up on so many books together (Pathfinder, Thunderbolts, Uncanny Avengers and Champions) so that brings a lot of confidence. Watching his skills grow with each project is the best.

Waid: I’m back. What impresses me most about these two guys besides their stellar draftsmanship is their humility -- the envy they have for each other’s pages as they come in and how complimentary they are to one another. I always say that everyone working on a series is part of one big team, no room for ego or jealousy, but boy do they take that to heart.

Ewing: This is only my second time working with Sean, but I love everything he brings to the table. It’s a delight seeing how he handles everything, from the layouts to the final inks.

As for Paco -- what can I say? He’s great! Working with him again is a heady mix of nostalgia for the past and eagerness to see the future, because every page he draws is better than the last one. I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to dialoguing the pages that are coming in (at least, the ones I wrote) – it’s always a pleasure, because his stuff just instantly works, in a way that’s hard to describe until you put words on it. And while we’re at it -- can we get a shout-out for Juan Vlasco’s gorgeous inks and the dazzling hues of color artist Jesus Aburtov?

Actually, if we are mentioning nostalgia, I did end up including a one-panel cameo or two from some old favorite characters, all the way back to the Contest Of Champions days. So watch out for that.

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