Avengers No Road Home Writers Spill the Secrets on The 'No Surrender' Sequel

Your cast will grow around the midpoint of No Road Home with the introduction and perhaps return of a mysterious character. What can you tell us about them? Is their return comparable to how "No Surrender" brought the Hulk back?

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Zub: We’re sworn to secrecy right now. All I can say is that Tom brought up the possibility when we had dinner at C2E2 and I thought he was joking because the suggestion was so out there. When it actually came through and we got the green light to go ahead with it, I was stunned. This character is extra-special to me, and the fact that I get to contribute to their adventures here and involve them in this crazy story we’ve come up with, it’s unbelievable. Can’t wait for readers to see what we have planned.

Is it big like the Hulk’s return was? Yes. For me, personally, it’s bigger.

Waid: It’s Batman. I find that incredibly exciting. I’ve wanted to write him for such a long ti—hang on. Please hold. I have Tom Brevoort on line one. I’ll be right back.

Ewing: I, for one, welcome our new shark-repelling overlord.

Last time, you guys had a lot of fun playing with established Marvel villains and creating new ones. What can you tell us about the antagonists of No Road Home? Does this series give you another chance to add some new threats to the Marvel Universe?

Zub: The core villains of No Road Home are new, but they’re tied to a part of the Marvel Universe that’s been around since the late '60s. I brainstormed the main concept and the “leader,” and then Al went research crazy and started throwing big mythic stuff into the mix, with Mark wisely polishing it all to a mirror shine.

EXCLUSIVE: Art by Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Jesus Aburtov

Adding new pieces to the Marvel Universe is one of my absolute favorite things. Building new antagonists that can go toe-to-toe against gods and cosmic powered heroes is an absolute thrill. Paco and Sean have brought their A-game to every scene with these new villains. It’s epic.

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Waid: I’m back. I would like to take this opportunity to issue a retraction on my previous statement. Tom Brevoort would also like me to take this opportunity to issue a retraction on my previous statement and would very much like me to start taking my Lamictal again quickly. What was the question? Oh, right -- the new Big Bad and his or hers or their (we’re not saying yet) underlings. Maybe the scariest villain I’ve ever had the opportunity to write. And when you learn what’s at stake should they win, you’ll get the same chill.

Ewing: Well, I was possibly a little hasty earlier, and I’d like to reaffirm my allegiance to this shared universe and its non-chiropteran heroes.

As for these baddies, they’ve got some pretty nasty plans for everything and everybody. But they’re not just a nightmarish force of evil -- they’re fleshed-out characters as well. Readers might even find themselves sympathizing with these villains… well, some of them at least.

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