Avengers No Road Home Writers Spill the Secrets on The 'No Surrender' Sequel

In No Road Home, you're dealing with a smaller cast of characters that features many of the high-profile players of "No Surrender," but also includes some new faces like Spectrum and Rocket Raccoon. SHow did this cast come together? And which characters are you especially enjoying writing this time out?

Zub: Nailing down the cast was a real battle royale in the Marvel boardroom. We all agreed that we wanted a smaller and tighter cast than “No Surrender,” but figuring out who stayed on and who got bumped was really difficult. We all have our favorites. So there was a lot of back and forth discussion about which characters needed to be there to make it all work, which characters had plot lines we wanted to carry through this story, and which ones provided variety to the powers and personalities on the team. The crew we got kicks butt, and the dynamics between them is a ton of fun.

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CB [Cebulski] was in the room during all this, and he was invaluable at bringing a fresh set of eyes to the whole process. He was the one who recommended throwing in a curveball with Rocket Raccoon, and that worked out incredibly well. I love writing Rocket’s sardonic tone and figuring out ways for him to cause trouble.

Writing Wanda in Uncanny Avengers and “No Surrender” was a lot of fun, so picking up with her story again here feels really natural. We’ve got some great scenes for the Scarlet Witch in this story, especially at the mid-point where the story goes to some unexpected places.

EXCLUSIVE: Art by Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Jesus Aburtov

Waid: I could write Clint Barton until my fingers fall off, and surprisingly -- because I don’t normally enjoy writing villains -- our Big Bad’s dialogue seems to come to me effortlessly. We ended up with a good, relatively unique “voice” for that character.

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Ewing: I get to write Spectrum and Rocket and Hawkeye again, and have a go at Hercules, too, so I’m very happy. We even get some noir captions for Rocket, which I always enjoy.

And, of course – the Hulk. It’s an interesting challenge writing the same horror character in a heroic context; he’s with the team, but he’s never quite on the team. He’s generally operating at cross purposes. (Because he’s generally very cross.) In fact, out of all the Avengers, his best friend here is Rocket -- and his worst enemy is Clint, with whom he’ll be having some words.

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