Avengers Monopoly: Make Infinity Gauntlet, Fight Thanos' Kids, Collect $200

Monopoly: Marvel Avengers Edition lets you reenact the Marvel Cinematic Universe saga of the Infinity Gauntlet in Monopoly form. The new edition joins a series of Marvel Universe-themed Monopoly games, including the Marvel Heroes Collector's Edition, the Deadpool Edition, and the Marvel Comics Collector's Edition.

The latest in a long trend of board game adaptations of comics, Monopoly: Marvel Avengers Edition lets players buy up any of 28 Marvel heroes instead of properties in order to battle the Children of Thanos. Rather than Community Chest and Chance cards, the game has Stark Industries and Infinity Gauntlet cards that, like their regular Monopoly counterparts, can aid or blow up a player's chances. The major change to gameplay is that a player who lands on a Children of Thanos space has to pit their collection of heroes against the villains.

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Like in regular Monopoly, the winner of the game is the one player who avoids going completely bankrupt. The game has 12 different player pieces, including Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, the Hulk, Nebula, and a golden Infinity Gauntlet.

Published by Hasbro Gaming, the game is currently available at Walmart Canada. It is designed for two to six players and ages eight and up.

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