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Janet Van Dyne may be best known as the one of the Avengers founding members, the Wasp, but in her civilian identity, she has also has a career as a fashion designer. This has resulted in Jan designing some of her fellow Avengers' costumes, and its also kept Jan in a rotating wardrobe of Wasp costumes, with more than one sometimes appearing in a single issue!

While not all of the Wasp's suits deserved to be on the runway, she has worn some memorable outfits that could have stayed around longer. Now, we are going to take a look back at some of the best costumes she's worn over the years and look at how they influenced the eventual look of Wasp on the big screen.

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Jan's initial appearance as the Wasp came in Stan Lee, H.E. Huntley and Jack Kirby's Tales To Astonish #44, where she wore a red and black costume that was similar to her partner Ant-Man. Whereas he had a chrome rounded helmet, Jan wore a pointed cap which resembled her namesake's stinger.

Her costume was also embellished with a "W" which would find it's way on and off the various costumes over the years. It wasn't long until Jan began modifying this costume slightly throughout its initial appearances, though she was still wearing this costume when she helped found the Avengers.


Jan has kept certain features of her costumes in most variations over the years, such as shoulder pads and collars that she often added to her suits, which were more for purposes of fashion than crime-fighting. She also often switched her color schemes, which resulted in very similar costumes at times, though with very different colors.

For instance, she wore a red bodysuit with a white collared unitard on a number of adventures, but then took those costumes ideas and refined them to produce the white and blue costume, which quickly became a fan-favorite. The "W" also found its way back to the costume for the white and blue version.


One of Janet's most iconic costumes first appeared during Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco's Avengers Forever mini-series that attempted to tie up some dangling continuity errors. Over the nest several years, Wasp adopted her new gold and black outfit in her regular adventures, which was practically unheard of for the character.

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Janet was wearing her iconic gold and black costume at the moment of her death in Secret Invasion, though she was later revealed to have only been shrunk down to the Microverse. That storyline and this costume would play a large part in defining the character for her debut in the MCU.


The less said about the Wasp's transforming costume from the Avengers: United They Stand animated series the better, but that doesn't mean all of the Wasp's animated outfits were awful. Wasp was a core member of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes team for two seasons before it transformed into the Avengers Assemble series and Wasp all but disappeared.

The animated version of Wasp wore a black and yellow costume that added a pair of antennae that connected the character to her Ant-Man roots while still allowing the Wasp costume to fly on its own. In the comics, Wasp even adopted a more high-tech version of this skirted costume.


In Janet van Dyne's first on-screen appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during a flashback in Ant-Man, she appeared in a flashback wearing a costume that was again similar to this version of Ant-Man, though it retained some nods to her classic costume as well.

The actual Wasp in the MCU is Janet's daughter Hope, who wears an updated costume for the sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp. This costume kept a similar helmet and design as the Ant-Man costume, though it incorporated some elements of the Gold & Black outfit as well.

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