Avengers, Magdalena, Firebreather: July 24th Comic Reel


Director Louis Leterrier got caught by Den of Geek dropping a dime on exactly who will be Earth's Mightiest Heroes. "Leterrier is reported to have said that 2011 will definitely bring Jackson, Downey Jr. '[Incredible] Hulk' actor Ed Norton and two other 'A-list actors' -- presumably whichever A-listers get cast as Thor and Captain America in their respective upcoming movies that Marvel is also producing -- together for the 'Avengers' movie." Whither Hawkeye?


According to IGN, actor Luke Goss will join the cast of the Top Cow translation as Kristof, "an agent sent by the ultra secret organization that has been the guardian of the lineage of Magdalena." The project is a co-production from Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Motion Pictures, Platinum Studios, and Top Cow Productions. Jenna Dewan has been cast in the title role, and both she and Goss will appear at Top Cow's Saturday panel.


CBR News has the inside scoop on Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn's creation getting animated.


CBR News also has news about the new Ed Brubaker adaptation.


Director D.J. Caruso spoke with Comingsoon.net about the Vertigo adaptation. "It's probably going to be happening, yeah," Caruso said. "With New Line now part of Warner Brothers, Warners is now very high on the project. And Carl Ellsworth and I are probably going to deliver the script to WB/New Line by next week ... there's so much to choose from. Just trying to narrow down the story, and in all the drafts written over the years there's a lot of great stuff in there, but what I think "Y" was missing in screenplay form was a ticking clock. So we did something where we separated Yorick from [pet monkey] Ampersand for a brief period of time where Yorick gets very sick, which kind of opened up the movie in the middle of the act. And also the Agent 355 / Yorick relationship to me has always been sort of a De Niro / Grodin thing. And so I was working on that and not quite getting it right, believe it or not. Because Yorick to me is so solid, it's really like 355 and her journey with Yorick that's been...and also Act 3, where do you end the first movie and how can you go from there? But I think we licked it."


The official logo is up on the official website.


Creator Robert Kirkman talked about his character's animated adventures with CBR News.


Is there room for redemption with Sylar? Actor Zachary Quinto wouldn't say in quotes at Sci Fi Wire. "It depends on what his motivation is, you know what I'm saying?" Quinto said. "He has a lot of different reasons to do things this year. They're not all originating from himself, you know? Like, he's being put in situations where he has to do stuff for other people."


Superhero Hype interviewed director Edgar Wright about his adaptation work. "I've just been writing,"Wright said. "I wrote the first draft of 'Ant-Man.' I wrote two drafts of 'Scott Pilgrim' ... the "Ant-Man" film I have in mind is a bit more stand-alone, and that's kind of what I wanted to do in a way. I think my take on it is something that may or may not fit into what 'The Avengers' would eventually do, but they're very keen on it and they've even talked a release date with me in very vague terms. It looks likely that I will do 'Scott Pilgrim' next and then 'Ant-Man' straight afterwards."


Remember that former record, of eight days being the fastest a movie got to $200 million? Yeah, that's a wrap, it's now Bruce Wayne in five. Somebody's coming for you, Tony Stark!


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