Time Marvel Heroes Fought Teams Made Up of Dead Heroes and Villains!

In the most disturbing one on the list, the Grim Reaper discovered he had the ability to use human beings as the hosts for dead people, so he transformed a number of innocent victims in Avengers #353 (by Len Kaminski and MC Wyman) into essentially zombie versions of dead villains...

The Grim Reaper came back in Avengers #10 (by Kurt Busiek, George Perez and Al Vey), but this time, he manipulated his brother, Wonder Man, to use his ionic powers to somehow bring back six actual dead Avengers from the spirit world. These were seemingly the actual versions of these characters, although even there, a later retcon would reveal that this wasn't the real Mockingbird...

Five different teams of dead heroes and villains with five different ways of putting them together! The Marvel Universe is a fascinating place.

And, of course, these aren't even the only times this has happened, of course, just the five I chose for this bit!

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