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Avengers Legends Revealed!

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Avengers Legends Revealed!

In honor of the new hit Avengers film, we’ve decided to feature a collection of our past Comic Book Legends Revealed installments that involve the Avengers.


1. How did a delay in the release of Daredevil #1 lead to the creation of the Avengers?

2. Was the film The Avengers originally rated R?

3. What storyline was Avengers Forever originally going to be?

4. Why was Roy Thomas forced to remove the “Big Three” of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man from the Avengers?

5. Did Jim Shooter not originally intend for Hank Pym to strike his wife in Avengers #213?

6. Did Marvel squelch plans for an Avengers crossover involving Kang and Y2K?

7. Did Larry Hama invent Rage when he wasn’t allowed to use Luke Cage in the Avengers?

8. Was an issue of Avengers West Coast edited because the original pages possibly implied a sex act taking place?

9. Did Venom make a cameo during the Under Siege Avengers storyline?

10. What change to the team led to Roger Stern abruptly leaving his job as the writer of the Avengers?

11. What was Steve Englehart’s interesting farewell to the Avengers in the original artwork for his last issue of the series?

12. What were John Byrne’s original plans involving the Scarlet Witch before he was removed from Avengers West Coast in the middle of his story?

13. How did the failed Justice League vs. Avengers crossover result in Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe being pushed back five years?

14. Did Roger Stern intend on having Power Man joining the Avengers before Stern ended up leaving the book?

15. Was Ronin in New Avengers originally going to be Daredevil?

16. Were the first appearances of the Squadron Supreme in Avengers really “crossovers” with DC Comics?

17. Was the original ending to the first X-Men vs. Avengers storyline changed at the last minute, resulting in a new writer taking over the series in the middle of the story?

18. Was a character killed off in the Avengers because Marvel did not own the character’s film rights?

19. Was Kurt Busiek going to call Carol Danvers Nemesis before the X-Men office squelched it because they had a character by that name?

20. Was Doctor Voodoo supposed to be in Uncanny Avengers right from the start?

21. Was Daredevil going to join the West Coast Avengers?

22. Did Madelyne Pryor really first appear in an Avengers Annual as a little girl?

23. Did Jim Valentino and Rob Liefeld have a Young Avengers pitch that predated the creation of the New Warriors?

24. Did Phil Hester have a pitch for Young Avengers that eventually became the basis for his Image series, Firebreather?

25. Did the failed Justice League vs. Avengers crossover lead to Crisis on Infinite Earths?

26. Was Triathlon in the Avengers meant to be gay?

27. Did John Byrne accidentally draw Scarlet Witch in an issue of X-Men when he was drawing both X-Men and Avengers?

28. How did the creation of Power Girl lead to Wonder Man’s return from the dead in the pages of the Avengers?

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