The Problem With Gamora's Avengers: Infinity War Storyline


WARNING: The following article discusses Avengers: Infinity War, including major spoilers.


You would have to be and incredibly optimistic Marvel fan to head into Avengers: Infinity War without expecting any major losses on our heroes' side, and -- as forewarned by the directing team of Anthony and Joe Russo -- the film over-delivers on its promise of "heartbreak." The effectiveness of leaving the story hanging after Thanos' "merciful" genocide has already become a major talking point (satisfying jaw-dropper or cheap and temporary trick?), but in the aftermath of that climactic twist, another controversial moment has slipped under the radar.

Before half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was reduced to nothing but ashy memories, the biggest deaths were noble self-sacrifices. Loki reelied off his accomplishments before thrusting a knife at Thanos was a pre-meditated obituary. Vision seemed consigned to his fate as soon as the Black Order interrupted his and Wanda's domestic bliss, and goaded her on to destroy the life-giving Mind Stone. Even Doctor Strange, who took the whole disintegration thing with the utmost chill, must have gained that attitude from coming to terms with all the doom and gloom he glimpsed in the one in 14 million realities in which the Avengers come out on top.

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Poor Gamora, unfortunately had no such luck. A similar choice to die with dignity for the greater good was robbed from her not once, but twice -- both times thanks to Thanos, who, in the end, tosses his daughter kicking and screaming over a cliff edge.

Essentially, Gamora gets fridged.

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