How the Avengers Inadvertently Spoiled a Classic Spider-Man Story

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Despite it being ready to go (and an Avengers issue tying into it published), Spider-Man's fight with Firelord was delayed three months.


Appears to be True

I do a whole feature called Our Lives Together that is about instances where comic book companies use their shared universes in clever ways. You know, crossovers without REALLY being crossovers. One of the more notable examples (that I haven't actually used yet - maybe I still will!) is when the Avengers teamed up with Firelord for a storyline that introduced Nebula, the granddaughter of Thanos. However, before the Avengers could team-up with Firelord, they had to first recover the former Galactus herald from his butt-whooping at the hands (and fists) of the Amazing Spider-Man...

However, while it sure SEEMS like they're tying in well here, that issue of Avengers (Avengers #258) actually came out THREE MONTHS before the aforementioned fight actually came to its conclusion in Amazing Spider-Man #270. The letter column of that issue of Avengers even addresses the confusion...

Here's the problem, though, the issues were actually DONE on time and ready to be published in Amazing Spider-Man #266 and #267, but then there was a hold-up.

You see, Amazing Spider-Man editor Jim Owsley thought that the fight was such an interesting story that he thought that perhaps they should cash in on the fight by making it a graphic novel or perhaps an annual. While debating what to do with the story, he instead ran two Peter David fill-in issues in their place, including the classic "The Commuter" (showing how Spider-Man deals with being in the suburbs without any buildings to swing from)...

Ultimately, Owsley decided to just publish the issues as part of the Amazing Spider-Man series, so they ran after a Secret Wars II tie-in that was always going to be in Amazing Spider-Man #268...

They were still a memorable story, but it's funny how things like this can happen.

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