Avengers: 10 Iconic Members We Hope Join The Team In Phase Four (And 10 Members We Don’t Need)

Earth's Mightiest needs A Man Without Fear.

The Avengers are one of the most famous teams in comic book history, and over the years, the group has welcomed many members into their ranks. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already introduced many of the most notable Avengers -- Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are some of the team’s most famous members. Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and, more recently, Spider-Man and Black Panther have also joined the ranks of the MCU’s Mightiest Heroes. With an already sizeable roster heading into Infinity War, the team’s roster seemed fairly set. But, after the film’s ending left many heroes missing in action, it might be time for the team to expand. There is now a lack of heroes in the MCU and Marvel could use some new characters to fill that void. Plenty of heroes deserve the chance to join the fight against Thanos in Avengers 4, but with the film most likely completed, it's probably too late for most (if not, all) of these heroes.

Even when you don’t include the characters previously owned by 20th Century Fox, many new characters would still be worthy additions to the Avengers. For this reason, we’ve decided to list ten of the most iconic Avengers who we’d like to see in Phase Four. These characters could be the next wave of Marvel characters to join the team and they’re also overdue for a big screen debut (or return.) Additionally, we’ve included ten members of the team who we don’t need to see (quiet yet.) While these characters could join the MCU someday, Marvel should hold off on introducing them.

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hope van dyne ant man and the wasp header

After bringing the Wasp into the spotlight in the sequel to Ant-Man, it would make perfect sense to have Hope Van Dyne fight alongside the Avengers, too. The only problem? The post-credits scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp reveals that Hope is one of the many victims of Thanos’ snap, which complicates her inclusion in A4.

Like most of the other missing heroes, Hope will likely find her way back to reality. The Wasp will probably be one of the building blocks of the post-A4 MCU landscape. The only question is whether she’ll be back in time to make a difference in the battle against Thanos.



Jessica Drew is a compelling character, and, hopefully, the MCU will bring her in some day. Her status as a double-agent of Hydra and Shield is an intriguing story. However, the way the MCU currently stands, S.H.I.E.L.D. is practically defunct and Hydra has been all but destroyed. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have explored the latter’s role in the MCU, which is why Marvel should hold off on Drew’s big screen debut.

Right now, Spider-Woman would be a spy without a legitimate organization behind her. For the character to succeed in the MCU, Marvel shouldn’t introduce Drew until there’s another story featuring the company’s two main spy agencies.


To say the least, Bruce Banner had some difficulty fighting Thanos, which will likely be explored in A4. Banner’s failure could pave the way for another Hulk to take over if Bruce doesn't get out of their rematch alive. Jennifer Walters, or She-Hulk, has become one of Marvel’s most popular heroes in recent years; recently, she became a member of the latest iteration of the Avengers.

Unlike Banner, Walters retains most of her personality and control when she becomes the Hulk. This difference could make Walters a valuable X factor in the Avengers’ war with the Mad Titan. Plus, Walters has been trained by Captain America, so she’s certainly a heavy hitter in the field.


For a Marvel character who’s been around since 1965, it’s a little surprising that the comic book version of Hercules has never made it to the big screen. The Prince of Power is a demigod, and, in terms of sheer strength, he’s comparable to Thor. The Lion of Olympus is immortal and he’s an expert fighter, so his power is practically unparalleled.

Yet the next Phase is not the right time to bring Hercules into the MCU. To do so, Marvel would have to quickly establish the presence of Greek/Roman mythology. It wouldn’t be fair to the depth of that mythos to hastily establish the background of Hercules. Hopefully, the character will make his way to the MCU someday but now’s not the time.


Some A4 set photos suggest that, once again, New York City could be a battlefield for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. If that’s the case, there’s a chance that the Defenders could finally meet their big screen counterparts. Daredevil is a deserving candidate to make the leap to the movies after the rematch with Thanos. Matt Murdock is one of Marvel’s longest-tenured characters and, other than an ill-fated venture in 2003, Daredevil has barely gotten a chance on the big stage.

Murdock could be a valuable fighter on the ground if the battle returns to New York. He’s an expert fighter, which could make all the difference against a horde of Thanos’ minions.


Compared to some characters on this list, adding Red Hulk to the mix makes a lot of sense. After all, Thaddeus Ross has been in the MCU since The Incredible Hulk and he’s popped up several times since then. Giving Ross the powers of Red Hulk wouldn’t be much of a stretch, especially considering the dire situation the Avengers are facing.

Ross’ powers as a Hulk differ significantly from the other Gamma-infused heroes running around. In addition to super strength and durability, Ross can also absorb energy and generate heat. While Red Hulk could be a power player in the MCU, there are other heroes that deserve the spotlight more.


Luke Cage Relatability

As with Matt Murdock, Luke Cage could also be a valuable addition to the army of heroes in the next round. Luke’s super strength, paired with unbreakable skin and a healing factor, make him a power player that could tip the scales in favor of the good guys.

Cage has never been on the big screen, so he’s long overdue for a chance to really shine. For several years, Cage has been amongst the most powerful characters in Marvel, so he’s a logical candidate to make the jump to the movies. Plus, his relationships with his fellow Defenders open up many storytelling possibilities.



For several reasons, Mockingbird would be a fitting addition to future Marvel movies. She’s an expert spy and a skilled combatant. Bobbi Morse is also a genius and a superhero, thanks to a combination of the Super-Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula. Plus, Morse’s relationships with Spider-Man and Hawkeye offer promising storytelling potential. But Morse has already been in the MCU and her the nature of her departure from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. complicates her jump to the big screen.

On the show, when Morse left the spy organization, it seemed that she rode off into the sunset with Lance Hunter. While a return isn’t impossible, the next Phase would not be a logical setting for Morse’s reintroduction.


Wonder Man

For a guy that began as a villain, Simon Williams has carved out a notable career as a hero. When he debuted in 1964, Williams aligned himself with the Masters of Evil but he later allied with the Avengers. Since then, Williams has become one of the most underrated, powerful heroes in Marvel history.

Williams can weaponize ionic energy, which gives him a plethora of impressive abilities. Wonder Man is nearly invulnerable and he can fire energy blasts. Williams can also teleport and manipulate electromagnetic energy. Few heroes pack more of a punch, so Williams should join the MCU sooner rather than later.


Tigra Avengers

Tigra, a founding member of the West Coast Avengers, doesn’t get enough credit. Greer Grant Nelson has rarely ventured outside the comics, even though she’s been around since 1972. Say what you will about Tigra, but one thing is certain: she would stand out amongst the other Avengers in the MCU.

Nelson is a Cat Person and, most of the time, maintains her appearance as a feline. Tigra has razor-sharp claws and teeth, and her tail is a powerful weapon, too. Nelson is also a skilled fighter and she has super strength and speed. Though she’s a powerhouse, Phase Four is not the time to bring the character into the MCU -- like other characters, it’d be difficult to quickly establish her backstory.


As one of the stars of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy Johnson has become a fan-favorite hero in recent years. Johnson’s success preceded the show -- she was the director of the organization at one point and she also served as a member of Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors.

Quake single-handedly took down Magneto, which is further proof that Johnson is a legitimate hero. “The Destroyer of Worlds” could definitely help the Avengers defeat Thanos. Fans have been waiting for Johnson and her coworkers to come to the big screen, and Phase Four seems like a fitting time to make that happen.


Captain America has made a lot of friends and enemies over the years. U.S. Agent falls into the latter category but John Walker has also fought alongside heroes. While bringing Walker’s rivalry with Captain America to the big screen could be intriguing, Phase Four is not the time to do so.

Sure, Walker is nearly Steve Rogers’ equal; they have remarkably similar power sets (U.S. Agent got his abilities from Karl Malus, who was in the Power Broker’s employ). Walker has served with the Mighty Avengers, the West Coast Avengers and several other teams. But plenty of other characters in Rogers’ network deserve the spotlight more than U.S. Agent.


Captain Britain Mark Brooks

When it comes to heroes we want to see in Phase Four, Captain Britain may not be the first name that comes to mind. However, Brian Braddock’s inclusion could signify a larger progression in the MCU. For the most part, Marvel’s superheroes on the big screen are either from America or directly aligned with it. It might be time for the world to prove that other countries, other than Wakanda, can have superheroes, too.

Captain Britain is no pushover, either. He has the standard superhero power set (super strength, speed and durability). Braddock can also fly and he has the use of force fields and energy beams at his disposal.


Hulkling Jim Cheung

Someday, Hulkling could be a great addition to the MCU. As a Kree-Skrull hybrid, Teddy Altman could help bring the historic conflict to a deeper level on the big screen. Additionally, as a young hero, Altman would allow Marvel to add some diversity to the Avengers.

Altman is most similar to the Hulk but his shapeshifting abilities would make him unique among the MCU’s current heroes. Plus, Hulkling’s Kree heritage gives him super strength and a healing factor. While we hope to see Hulkling on the big screen someday soon, the MCU needs to build up the Kree and Skrull races before Altman is introduced.


Quasar is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel’s cosmic scene, so it’s surprising that some version of the hero hasn’t already joined the MCU. With the universe in peril, Phase Four could be the perfect time to bring Quasar into the fold.

With the Quantum Bands, this hero has the ability to do a lot of damage. The bands draw energy from the Quantum Zone, which allows Quasar to fire energy beams, make constructs and manipulate various forms of energy. Regardless of who’s wearing the Quantum Bands, a range of other abilities makes Quasar an advantageous candidate for the Avengers’ fight against Thanos.



Squirrel Girl has become one of Marvel’s most underrated characters in recent years -- she has been on several offshoots of the Avengers and she got her first solo book in 2015. Doreen Allene Greene has become a fan-favorite with her squirrel-based powers (including sharp claws, a prehensile tail and the ability to communicate with her namesake) and her bubbly personality.

Surprisingly, Squirrel Girl has defeated Thanos and Doctor Doom in the comics. As a family-friendly version of Deadpool, Greene would likely be a hit on the big screen. However, the character would not fit in with the likely dire tone of Phase Four.


Spectrum Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel

It’s likely that Captain Marvel will plan the seeds for Spectrum’s inclusion in the MCU, as Monica Rambeau will reportedly be a child in the movie. Since the film is set in the '90s, Rambeau could be old enough to join the Avengers’ fight by the time A4 takes place. If so, she could be a crucial part of the plan to take down Thanos and life after that.

Rambeau, who has, at times, been Captain Marvel, Photon, and Pulsar, is most known for her ability to manipulate energy. Spectrum can also travel at the speed of light and she can convert her body into pure energy. Rambeau’s incredible speed could be the missing component in the Avengers’ battle against the Mad Titan.


Bringing the Defenders to the big screen makes sense. These characters have been firmly established in their Netflix shows, so many fans would be familiar with them if the heroes are incorporated A4 and its successors. While many fans want to see Moon Knight join the MCU, Marvel should follow the formula it’s using with the Defenders.

As “Marvel’s Batman,” Marc Spector should get his own Netflix show, which would dive into the character’s background. If fans respond well and the show succeeds, Moon Knight could certainly jump to the movies down the line. For now, though, Spector shouldn’t be a part of Phase Four.


Jessica Jones deserves to fight alongside Captain America and his allies. While the tones of the MCU’s movies and its Netflix Universe seem disparate, it’s not an insurmountable difference (for example, Infinity War brought the Guardians of the Galaxy and their eccentric style into the mix). Especially if the fight returns to New York, Jones has earned her big screen debut.

The character’s super strength and fighting skills make her a fitting addition to the Avengers. It’s time to bring Jones and her teammates on the Defenders to the movies. The team could definitely be important players in the MCU landscape after A4.


Davos and Iron Fist

Excluding Iron Fist from the rest of his teammates may seem odd. But, given the way that the second season of the character’s Netflix show ended, it’s not the right time to bring Iron Fist to the big screen. Danny Rand has been depowered and he’s off on a journey of self discovery.

Meanwhile, Colleen Wing, who now wields the Fist, is just learning the ropes of being a superhero. Additionally, the show seems poised to further explore the mysteries surrounding K’un-L’un. Until the show establishes a concrete understanding of the Iron Fist mythos, the hero should stick to the small screen.

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