Avengers: Endgame - All the Surprises, Clues & Debuts in the New Trailer

The worldwide release of Avengers: Endgame is just around the corner, and fans are hungry for details. It shows in the way things like minor toy releases fall under intense scrutiny, or the recent Disney shareholders meeting receiving an unusual amount of attention, despite the fact that no major Endgame information was released.

Now that Marvel Studios has surprised the world with an unannounced a trailer debut, prepare to see a new wave of theories floating around revolving around how the Avengers will defeat Thanos and restore everyone that was wiped from existence by the Mad Titan's universe-wide Decimation.

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The trailer includes new clips and moments that should excite everyone, and perhaps even put some fan theories to rest. Familiar heroes finally meet newcomers, wild new action scenes tease the movie's big moments, and it's all supposed to take place within the first 20 minutes of the film, according to directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

Let's break it all down...



The first half of the trailer features a collection of black and white clips from Iron Man, Captain America and CA: Civil War, and Thor as the voices of Tony Stark, Peggy Carter and Thor are heard. Tony's speech seems to be aimed toward Pepper Potts, as he reminisces about his experience in the cave where he was held captive by the Ten Rings, saying, "It seems like a thousand years ago."

We see how far he's come in his superhero journey, but any sense of hope is snatched away (for now) when the trailer shows us Tony trapped in the Guardians of the Galaxy's old ship, The Benatar. "I know I said no more surprises," he intones, "but I was really hoping to pull off one last one," as if to say that he's exhausted all his options.

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Of course, the fact that Steve Rogers and Thor were going to unite with the rest of the Avengers was never in question, and the speeches accompanying their respective montages focus on the theme of struggle and loss as the clips turn into a brief recap of the events in Avengers: Infinity War.



Shots of Hawkeye are interspersed throughout the first half of the trailer, and some of them may not be what fans were expecting. One clip in particular features Clint Barton apparently coaching his daughter in an archery lesson. She aims and hits the bullseye, possibly a hint of who she might become in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What's saddening is the fact that this is almost certainly confirmation that Clint lost his family as a result of the Decimation, leading to his reinvention as Ronin, the alter-ego revealed in earlier trailers. We see his melancholic reunion with Black Widow in what appears to be Japan before he's shown again later in the trailer, at Avengers headquarters with a new haircut.



Our first glimpse of Scott Lang shows the reluctant superhero wandering around a suburban neighborhood, shocked by the number of missing posters stapled to a post. The last time we saw him he was trapped in the Quantum Realm after the Decimation claimed Hank Pym, Hope Van Dyne and the recently rescued Janet Van Dyne in the post-credits sequence of Ant-Man and the Wasp. No one was left to get Scott back out.

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The fact that Ant-Man will join the Avengers for an epic battle against Thanos was never in doubt -- it was only ever a matter of when and how. It's likely that the moment shown in the trailer takes place soon after Ant-Man returns from the Quantum Realm, when he begins to discover everything that happened since his disappearance.

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