Avengers: Endgame Gear You Need to Wear to the Premiere

It's not an understatement to say that Avengers: Endgame is the most anticipated superhero movie ever. The record-breaking ticket pre-sales are proof enough of this. It's not just about watching Earth's Mightiest Heroes get revenge for Thanos' actions in Avengers: Infinity War, but also about witnessing the end of an era of over 10 years of stories from Marvel Studios.

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That said, whether you're in the opening night crowds, rushing the concession stand or chilling in the waiting lines for the restroom, you'll want to look as sharp as the Avengers new Quantum Suits. That's why we've compiled a few items you need to rock at the Endgame premiere to show everyone you're more than just a fan.


Avengers Endgame Quantum Suit hoodie


This hoodie is for those who want to mix nostalgia with the new, and also match the Quantum Realm tech-suits that the Avengers will be rocking as part of some mysterious plan by Captain America. Usually, we're accustomed seeing each hero in their iconic suits, but as more promotional materials roll out, we're witnessing just how important this white gear will be in the fight against Thanos.

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It's a really streamlined and modern look, and you can adjust the zipper or drawstrings on the collar to suit how snug you want to be as you watch the Avengers enter new dimensions and outer space. It has a sporty feel to i and is available in male and female sizes. With the Avengers logo front and shoulder, it's the perfect way of fitting in with the team on-screen.



We all know Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton has ditched his Hawkeye persona and is starting out the movie as the masked ninja Ronin. From the trailers, fans suspect that his family got turned into dust by Thanos' snap, and he's turned into this ruthless, sword-wielding solo vigilante to deal with the pain. While it looks like he'll pick his bow up by the end of the movie,  this Ronin t-shirt embodies his lone wolf sentiment without even saying a word.

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This shirt pays homage to the Marvel ninja persona that's been taken up by the likes of Echo and the vampire-hunter himself, Blade. Since the big three Avengers -- Captain America, Iron Man and Thor -- usually get the shine on Avengers merchandise, this Ronin shirt could be your way of rocking a design that goes against the grain and embrace a little piece of Ronin's anti-authoritarian streak. For true Clint Barton fans, this shirt is absolutely on target.



As much as we loved seeing our heroes in action in Infinity War, Thanos was the movie's real MVP. Josh Brolin absolutely owned it as the Mad Titan, and he's armoring up big time to deal with the threats of Captain Marvel and the Avengers in Endgame.

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This T-shirt is as intimidating as it gets and showcases Thanos' sleek helmet along with a regal pose that has him holding the double-edged blade he'll be wielding against Marvel's heroes. This could be your way of bringing out your inner-villain, even if it doesn't give you the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.



When the "dusting" was finished, we could hear the sighs of relief being breathed in the cinemas as the original six Avengers remained alive. This tee doesn't just commemorate the survivors, it celebrates those who'll be avenging the fallen and taking part in the counterattack against Thanos. Simply put, the heroes on this shirt are the last, best hope of a desperate Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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This shirt really stands out since it has all of the Avengers in their new Quantum Suits. We know signature costumes are cool, but this shirt highlights the original team's new gear. It also provides a nice look at War Machine, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula and Ant-Man in all of their Quantum Suit glory. For anyone who's really into these fan-favorite characters, this shirt is the best way to pay tribute to their first official looks as Avengers on the big screen.


Avengers Endgame Thor Jacket

GET IT NOW: FROM $119.99

In the same way that Thor is both as hero of Asgard and Earth, this limited edition Thor jacket blends the best of both worlds. It has that '80s feel to it for those who enjoy old-school styles, but it's also got that new-school Marvel vibe in terms of design and overall aesthetic. It doesn't matter if you're built like a Norse god or got the frame of Midgard's Donald Blake, with the front stitching modeled after Thor's armor, you can feel like the Odinson anytime you want.

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The signature red of Thor's cape can be found on the hoodie too, and the icing on the cake comes with the Mjolnir icon on the back. It's the ultimate symbol for a Thor fan and it looks mighty cool too. With this jacket, you'll have a hip, chic look that's perfect for a night in Asgard or a night on the town.

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