Avengers: Endgame Happened 50 Years Ago - With Marvel's Justice League?

Avengers #71, the final issue of the story arc, opens with the page that declared it to be the "Endgame!"...

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With the first round of the game ruled incomplete, the Grandmaster chooses three new challengers. He plucks Captain America, Namor and the Human Torch out of World War II (this was the first appearance of these heroes as the Invaders, only they wouldn't be called the Invaders for a few more years) and has them fight three more members of the Avengers...

In the end, the Avengers win. Since the first round ended in a sort of tie, the Grandmaster gives Kang a choice. Instead of having the power over life or death that the Grandmaster offered him earlier as a prize, he could have one or the other. Save Ravonna or have the power to kill the Avengers? Kang couldn't help himself and he chose to have the ability to kill the Avengers (who had been rescued by the Black Knight, who managed to time travel to the future through his connection to his Ebony Blade, which Goliath had accidentally taken with him back to the future after Black Knight saved him in the previous issue).

Of course, the Grandmaster was sneaky. He gave Kang the power to kill the Avengers, but the Black Knight wasn't technically a member, so when Kang began killing the Avengers, the Black Knight was immune to his power and was then able to defeat Kang and then Grandmaster sent everyone back to their own time. This was all just something to amuse the Grandmaster. The Avengers then inducted Black Knight into their membership...

Now, this was far from the only Marvel superhero comic book that was titled "Endgame," but it was the only Avengers issue with that name. It is unclear whether the film will share any more elements with the comic book story other than the name, but the rumors suggest that time travel will likely be involved in the film, so that could tie in with the time travel from the comic book story. Time will tell just how much of an impact Roy Thomas' "Endgame" has on the MCU's Endgame.

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