The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Effect on Comic Book Back Issue Prices


Avengers #223 featured a classic cover by Ed Hannigan and Klaus Janson with Ant-Man riding an arrow that Hawkeye is about to fire....

That cover has always made the book a slightly more valuable comic book than the issues surrounding it, but not by some absurd degree. Like, if Avengers #224 was selling for a buck, Avengers #223 would sell for three bucks.

Then, however, Captain America: Civil War paid specific homage to the moment in the film by essentially replicating it exactly...

Thus, in classic circular fashion, a comic book cover inspiring a comic book movie moment has, in turn, inspired collectors to seek out the original cover and making Avengers #223 a hot commodity on the back issue market. The fact that the cover is white also makes it a difficult one to find in mint condition.

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The Winter Soldier's first appearance in Captain America #6 is not selling for nearly the same amounts as the older comics sell for, but for a comic book that is not even 15 years old, it is doing fairly well on the back issue market...


One of the crazier recent trends has been the reaction from the back issue market to Incredible Hulk #377, the first appearance of the "merged" Hulk, where Bruce Banner's personality controlled the Hulk body.

As soon as there were hints that that version of the Hulk was going to be appearing in Avengers: Endgame, the back issue has skyrocketed in value. The fact that it was already a popular comic book back issue (due to its status as one of the first Marvel Comics to use an enhanced cover and its importance to Peter David's iconic Incredible Hulk run) has led to it quickly going for over $30 on the back issue market. Mint condition copies are hard to find, as well, so those see a premium price.


An amusing side effect from the impact of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that comic books that feature first appearances of characters who could theoretically appear in a future MCU film have become hot tickets. For instance, War of Realms: Agents of Atlas #1 has not even been released yet, but the variant editions of the first issue have been selling on eBay for over $100 due to the fact that the issue introduces a number of new Marvel superheroes...

It is an open question as to how long the back issue market will remain this robust in conjunction with the Marvel CInematic Universe, but it sure does not show any signs of slowing down.

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