Will Avengers: Endgame Bring Marvel's Other (Better) Hawkeye to the MCU?

There was a lot to take in during the brand new Avengers: Endgame trailer, but one moment that stood out was Hawkeye working with his daughter on her archery skills. The framing of the shot was reminiscent of artwork from the comics, with Kate Bishop as the new Hawkeye.

However, this was clearly not Kate Bishop. This was Clint Barton working with his daughter, Lila. The scene was placed in the trailer to show part of the losses suffered by the Avengers, but the fact that he was teaching her archery brings up an interesting theory.

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There have been rumors that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was bringing in Kate Bishop to become a new Hawkeye. While the rumors indicated that this could be on the Disney+ platform as one of the miniseries Marvel is reportedly planning, Kevin Feige said that these shows will connect to the movie world.

Kate Bishop: The New, Improved Hawkeye

Kate Bishop made her Marvel debut in 2005 in the pages of Young Avengers #1. Her character was a young girl who responded to an attack in Central Park by undertaking intense combat training. When she decided she wanted to become a superhero, she took the costumes of both Mockingbird and Hawkeye and, after saving the Young Avengers, joined the team.

After Jessica Jones gifted Bishop with Hawkeye's bow and arrow and explained that Captain America was impressed with her, she took Hawkeye's codename and role following the passing of Clint Barton.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop

Clint returned from the dead and ended up taking on the role of Ronin while also giving Kate Bishop his blessing to continue as his replacement. Even when Clint returned to the role of Hawkeye, he let Kate know that she had done enough to deserve to keep her identity as well, giving her the support of legends like Hawkeye, Captain America and Jessica Jones.

Kate took on an even bigger role in the Marvel NOW! series of comics when she appeared alongside Clint in the critically acclaimed Hawkeye series by Matt Fraction and David Aja. By this time, Kate had gone from a young hero in training to someone who stood toe to toe with Clint Barton as one of Marvel's top heroes.

With Katherine Langford's casting in Avengers: Endgame, rumors started flying that she was playing Kate Bishop and that the film would introduce the character as part of a future Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

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