The Best Avengers: Endgame Fan Theories Based on the Spider-Man Trailer

When Spider-Man: Far From Home was announced, fans weren't just intrigued by it being a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. They were excited by news that the film would kick off Marvel Studios' Phase Four, with Kevin Feige indicating it'll actually start minutes after Avengers: Endgame concludes.

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With the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so secretive, fans have already begun decoding, deciphering and declaring conspiracy theories stemming from Far From Home's first trailer, tallying how the movie seemingly offers clues about what happens in the Infinity War sequel. Let's take a look at where the speculation has led.


Spider-Man: Far From Home

Feige saying Far From Home is set after Infinity War could be a misdirection to keep the MCU's post-Phase Three plans hush-hush. The reason why fans believe this is the case is that, when we see Peter Parker's passport, the dates of issue and expiration have been blocked out, indicating director Jon Watts wants to keep the year this Euro trip takes place a secret.

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If Peter's new adventures do occur minutes after Endgame, then why the need to do this? The going speculation is that Peter doesn't actually get the passport after Endgame. Instead, theorists believe that Pete got the passport way before, and that this trip occurs prior to Thanos' conquests. That bus ride we saw Peter and Ned on could actually be the trip back from the airport.

Theorists think Feige has been lying all along as part of some covert marketing scheme to surprise with Endgame's finale, which doesn't result in Spider-Man webbing around Europe. If that's the case, it's misdirection at its finest by the studio.


Theorists have also been gathering clues that lead them to believe Endgame will almost completely undo the events of Infinity War, with the Infinity Gauntlet most likely being used to "unsnap" things. This would result in Thanos and the Black Order never attacking Earth, thus Pete would never have to get off the bus, which fans think would be carrying the kids in this scenario to the airport to head to Europe.

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This means that Far From Home does pick up right after Endgame finishes, but only because time has been reset and we go back to that very moment in Infinity War. It also explains why Pete doesn't seem to have his Spider-Sense when Nick Fury ambushes him, with these fans assuming it was Thanos' impending genocide that triggered this development in Spidey's power set. But what makes this theory somewhat convincing is that, if Pete never had to fight Thanos, he wouldn't have received his Iron Spider suit, which is why we never see him rocking it in Europe.

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