10 Things We Learned From The Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scenes & Extras

Shortly after becoming the biggest theatrical release ever, Avengers: Endgame hit its digital home release. With that release, we finally get a good look at the deleted scenes from the 3-hour long movie. Surprisingly, for the movie being so long, there are not many scenes that did not find their way into the original release. Here are ten things we learned from all the deleted scenes and extras.

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10 Tony And Pepper Have An Alpaca

Before Tony goes outside to grab Morgan for lunch, he takes a second to talk to Pepper in the kitchen. It is during this conversation we learn that the two have an alpaca. Pepper is not happy with it eating her goji berries.

This scene is a nod to the two actors’ personal lives. Robert Downey Jr owns alpacas, and Gwyneth Paltrow has made a recipe book in the past that included goji berries that the alpaca was eating.

When Pepper tells Tony to let Morgan know about lunch, she refers to her as “Madam Secretary,” so we can see how Morgan can run the house as little kids can at times. At this point, we would not have known they have a child yet, so they were holding off the surprise for about 30 seconds, which makes sense why they would cut this scene.

9 What Attracts Peggy Carter To Steve Rogers

Peggy Carter does not have a lot of on-screen time in Endgame, but she has always been Captain America’s biggest motivation to keep fighting aside from his morales. Hayley Atwell explains that what originally attracted Peggy to Steve was his need to struggle to prove himself in the army. Being the only woman, she was constantly being put down even though she held a respected position and seeing Steve overcome the many trials he had when he first became a soldier is the biggest reason she loves him.

8 Thor Snuck In Some Extra Snacks To Asgard

When Thor and Rocket go back in time to the events of Thor: Dark World, Thor has a panic attack and runs from Rocket. Things are different in this deleted scene, however.

Thor begins the scene taking a leak and Rocket asks him for the device to extract the reality stone from Jane Foster. This deleted scene takes a little more of a look into the depression Thor is dealing with having suffered so many losses. Where in the movie he starts panicking, here Thor gets defensive against Rocket pushing him to get the job done. It seems returning to his destroyed homeworld and seeing all the people he watched die truly is what is bothering him. He grabs the Reality Stone extractor from his robes to give to Rocket and pulls out some candy bars he had smuggled through time. It seems the beer can he brought along was not going to be enough for the god of thunder on the trip down memory lane.

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When Rocket asks Thor which way to find Jane, we also learn that in the 1,500 years that he lived on Asgard, he never truly learned the layout of the palace. That or his memory loss has more to do with his repressed thoughts.

7 The Chitauri Are Not A Good Army

While planning the Time Heist, the group is looking over footage of the Battle for New York that took place in the first Avengers film. Rocket asks how long the Avengers fought the Chitauri for. When Black Widow responds with 2-3 hours, he wonders how the fight could have possibly taken so long. He mentions how the Chitauri are the “suckiest” army in the galaxy because all it takes to beat them is to blow up the mothership as Iron Man did with the nuclear missile.

Steve acknowledges that they did not know that was a thing which leads Rocket to go into hysterics. He is not known for taking other people’s situations into accounts and further shows that here since a group of humans who had never been to space at that point obviously could not have known they needed to blow up a ship on the other side of a portal to defeat an alien invasion.

Tony, who dealt with many psychological issues following the events of Avengers, does not take too kindly to being mocked for not knowing this key fact and shaves Rocket’s head.

6 Thor’s Fat Suit Was Hot And Heavy

In Endgame, Thor has put on a lot of weight in the five years since Thanos snapped his fingers. Chris Hemsworth is too fit of a person though, so the extras go into the fat suit he had to put on for the role. There is a video of him being helped to put the suit on which is a multi-person ordeal. Hemsworth explains that the suit weighs about 60-70 lbs and made him “the hottest he’s ever been.” For some reason, I think that probably has to do with body temperature, not his looks.

The extra also shows the beard and hair extensions being put on, and Hemsworth explains that he had things on the inside of his cheeks to make them puff out a little more, which affected his voice. At the end of the extra, we also see a quick snippet of Thor recording a quick dating profile video that never made its way to the movie where he says he is 22-years-old.

5 Howard Offered Tony A Job

This deleted scene takes place as Tony and his father are walking outside after Tony grabs the Tesseract from the past.

It is the shortest of the scenes not included in the final movie and probably cut to save whatever time they could. As they emerge from the bunker, Tony is discussing legacy with his father. He doesn’t believe he has done much to leave a better world for his child, and it’s what worries him. Howard takes this moment to offer Tony (who is taking up the name Howard Potts) a job working for him. Of course, Tony has to turn down the opportunity.

4 Robert Downey Jr.’s Screen Test Went Smooth

One of the extras in Endgame revolves around Jon Favreau and Sarah Halley Finn, the original casting director, for the first Iron Man film looking back on when it was decided that Robert Downey Jr. would play Tony Stark. Favreau was always a big believer in RDJ taking the role, but just in case, Marvel had him perform a screen test which a small snippet of is shown. According to Downey Jr., he wouldn’t call it an “out of body experience,” but his adrenaline for the role propelled him to nail the role.

3 Rhodey Points Out A Plot Hole

Another time heist preparation scene that did not make the cut in the final movie. With Thor sleeping on a couch in the background, Captain America is explaining to War Machine how the Tesseract happened to burn through the floor of the plane he ended up crashing into the ice at the end of his first movie.

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Rhodey asks why Cap exactly had to crash the plane in the first place, with of course the response being the bombs on board set to blow up New York. After a few seconds of thinking, Rhodey brings up the question that many Reddit forums have asked over the years. Why couldn’t Steve jump out of the plane before hitting the ice? We have seen him jump out of quinjets and elevators without parachutes and be just fine. He might have been able to avoid being frozen and woken up 70 years later.

2 Even Gwyneth Paltrow Was Impressed With The Women Of Marvel Scene

It is no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow is not interested in comic books or superheroes. She famously recently forgot that she appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and has admitted that being friends with Jon Favreau and having him talk her into taking the role of Pepper Potts is a big reason she took the spot in the first place. While she has said she is probably retiring from the role after Endgame, there was a key moment that did impress her.

In the Endgame extra focusing on the moment where all the women of Marvel start teaming up to help Captain Marvel deliver the gauntlet to the time machine, Paltrow acknowledges how that scene made her watch the playback on the monitor. She wanted to see the reveal of them all teaming up, and she hopes girls in the audience get inspired from that scene.

1 Gamora Walked Away While Every Hero Paid Their Respects To Tony

In the final deleted scene, Pepper has just finished saying her goodbye to Tony as he dies. Starting with Hawkeye, all of the heroes on the battlefield begin kneeling to pay their respects to the man who truly started this MCU ride. While everyone is focusing on Tony, Gamora takes the chance to walk away from everyone, so we do have confirmation that she is alive and Tony's snap did not kill her when it took out Thanos and the rest of his army.

In the final cut of the movie, only Thor and Captain America are shown to be grieving before the movie transitions to Tony's funeral, and the only hint to Gamora is given when Starlord is trying to search for her on his ship, but her whereabouts are unknown.

The funeral scene most likely took the place of this deleted scene because they were able to incorporate Morgan and Happy into the grieving process, but it is still interesting that the movie does not explain what happens to Gamora unless you watch the deleted scenes.

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