The First Time That We Met Doctor Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme

This is "Just Like the Time Before," a feature where I examine instances from comic book history where comic book creators did early versions of later, notable comic book characters and plot ideas. Essentially, the "test runs" for later, more famous characters and stories.

Today, we see how Rick Remender wrote Doctor Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme three years before he actually got the chance to REALLY writer Doctor Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme!

In 2009's New Avengers #54 (by Brian Michael Bendis, Billy Tan and Matt Banning), Doctor Strange had lost his title as Sorcerer Supreme and ultimately, it turned out that Brother Voodoo took on the title to become, in effect, Doctor Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme...

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Spinning out of this new status quo for the character, Rick Remender, Jefte Palo and Jean-Francois Beaulieu did an amazing miniseries called Doctor Voodoo, Avenger of the Supernatural, which launched with a stunning Marko Djurdjevic cover...

And then it opened with a breathtaking sequence with Voodoo and Dormammu...

What a great comic book series that was. I think it might have been intended to be an ongoing series originally, but Doctor Voodoo is a tough sell. Still, in the issues that came out, we got one heck of an adventure. Highly recommended.

Anyhow, Remender was obviously still a fan of the character, so he later had him join the Uncanny Avengers when the book relaunched in 2015...

Remender actually tried to get Voodoo into his original Uncanny Avengers series in 2012, but Bendis had killed off Voodoo during a later New Avengers storyline (I wrote about it in an old Comic Book Legends Revealed). It was Remender who actually resurrected Voodoo in Remender's Marvel crossover, Axis (which led into the second volume of Uncanny Avengers).

Anyhow, what's amazing is that while Bendis was the one who first made Voodoo the Sorcerer Supreme, and I assume that he did that on his own volition, Remender had actually written Voodoo as Sorcerer Supreme three years earlier!

In the What If...? one-shot, "What If...? Age Of Apocalypse," about what if the Age of Apocalypse had been delayed long enough for the superhero universe to start out normal enough and THEN Apocalypse attacked, so there were more superheroes around. Lots of them died, of course, as Apocalypse still conquered the Earth, but more of them survived, including some interesting combinations, like Captain America with Mjolnir and Voodoo becoming Sorcerer Supreme...

Things seem to turn around when they discover Nathan Summers, the son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers and they try to use him to take Apcocalypse down, and part of the plan involved going up against Dormammu....

Sadly, Nathan betrayed Voodoo as part of his plan to take control of Apocalypse's powers and then go back in time to stop Xavier from being killed in the past (Captain America killed him before he could do it, as Cap felt that he was mad with power).

Anyhow, it's just a funny coincidence, really, but a fascinating one, I thought.

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