Avengers Assemble #23.INH

I am always wary of comics like "Avengers Assemble" #23.INH stamped with something after the issue number as it attempts to tie the book to some larger event. However, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Warren Ellis, Matteo Buffagni, and Nolan Woodard turn in a slick and incredibly fun comic that stands easily on its own, independent of larger events.

The chemistry DeConnick and Ellis have found for Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) and Wolverine is simply electric. The witty banter and the sisterly teacher/student vibe between Spider-Woman and Anya is enough to make any fan yearn for a series (or at least a mini-series) for the pair. Similarly, the good-natured teasing and one-upmanship between Wolverine and Anya rivals chemistry I have seen with of any of his other young female teammates meets proteges (Kitty, Jubilee and beyond). The two simply make a great pair, which just goes to show how much a good writer can do even in a small space.

Buffagni's art with vibrant colors by Nolan Woodard is slick and appropriately supheroesque in the best of ways. Buffagni style is clean and sharp and effortlessly easy to follow, always consistent in character portrayals and with smart character driving storytelling choices. His Anya is deliciously animated, her body language and facial expressions, despite a mask that could make things challenging, are fantastic.

In DeConnick, Ellis, Buffagni and Woodard's hands, Anya is a character I would follow to any book and it suddenly feels like a crime that she doesn't have one. But such is the power of the right creative team writing a character they're fond of -- magic can happen, even in an otherwise inconsequential book. "Avengers Assemble" #23.INH is a great example of how fun simple superhero books can be in the hands of people who enjoy writing fun superheroes.

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