Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-Force, Ant-Man: July 24th Comic Reel


Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige spoke with Empire Online about the origins of "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

"It's been in the works for seven or eight months... There are some things in this movie - that you'll see in 2015 - that arise directly from casual conversations Joss and I had on the set of the first one. 'Would it be cool if...?' 'That would be cool!'"

Meanwhile, Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis spoke out on his personal Tumblr as to how much of the movie would be based on his recent event series.

As has already been revealed... not much. My story was based on the concept that Ultron had been a threat to us for many many years while Joss' story is the birth of Ultron as it relates to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Joss' has a fantastic take on the character. big surprise :-)

Opens May 1, 2015


The next major film in the X-Men franchise, "X-Force," got some new details revealed via an interview by /Film with writer Jeff Wadlow and consultant Mark Millar.

"I love the current incarnation, 'Uncanny X-Force,'" Wadlow told /Film. "I love what Rob did in the nineties. I remember buying 'X-Force' #1 and what I've really loved about the announcement that we are working on the movie is how excited people are by the potential, but also how curious they are like, 'What's the line up?' What's interesting with 'X-Men,' I mean they have an iconic lineup, so you know who is going to be in that movie, but 'X-Force,' it's like, 'Who is it going to be?' I love that people are guessing."

"People are going to be dissecting every name as it gets released, so it's will be so cool when you have your five," said Millar, confirming the number of the main team.

Millar elaborated on which characters might show up in an interview with Crave Online, somewhat dodging the question of whether "X-Force" will feature a concept more akin to "Uncanny X-Force" or the original incarnation of the series.

"I can't officially say, but I think it's always wise to go back to the beginning of something," Millar told Crave Online. "Marvel is very good like that, going back to the first issues and looking at what made it work. Don't look at number 650, look at number 1."


In an interview with io9, Edgar Wright seemingly confirmed the Ant-Man in his upcoming "Ant-Man" movie is actually Hank Pym. While Pym is reportedly not in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," Wright's "Ant-Man" would be a prime time to set up the creation of the villainous A.I.

Opens November 6, 2015


IAmRogue spoke with "Amazing Spider-Man 2" producer Avi Arad about a number of subjects, including the recent comments by Felicity Jones about her villain-skewing role.

"I think at this point, at this movie, we are not addressing it yet," Arad told IAmRogue. "She meets some of the players because she works for Oscorp and there's no -- I think she likes Harry, I think she cares for him, I think Harry is interested in models. I think whatever was in print out there really doesn't represent what you'll see in the movie or what you'll see sometime in the future."

The film's cast and crew also spoke to journalists at Comic-Con International, where director Marc Webb discussed the approach the team took to the sequel.

"There's a level of virtuosity in his physical capabilities that we really had fun playing around with," Webb said. "And there was the foundation of playfulness in this movie. Fun is crucial. The first movie, we had a lot of obligations. It was a little darker, and this one, from the outset, has that level of play that I loved in Spider-Man growing up. And there's a lot of things that we did, for example, just the physical comedy elements which are very technical, very difficult. We had a guy that Andrew had suggested that came in and consulted with us in creating these sort of elaborate, simple, but elegant sequences where Peter Parker as Spider-Man is just having fun being Spider-Man."


Zap2It spoke with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" cast members Emily VanCamp, Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie about their roles in the upcoming film.

"It wasn't so much a burden as it was a blessing," Mackie told Zap2It of taking on the role of the Falcon. "I feel like there's a huge segment of our population that's being neglected as far as having people to look up to and having role models to look up to, and I'm really looking forward to next Halloween seeing bunch of little kids running around with wings on."

Opens April 4, 2014


The "Arrow" CCI Panel featured a number of new teases for the upcoming second season of the CW drama, including a sizzle reel of new footage.

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


Two new TV spots have hit for the UK via the official YouTube channel for "The Wolverine."

Meanwhile, director James Mangold spoke with Yahoo! Movies about the film and its roots in the classic Chris Claremont/Frank Miller story.

"The whole world -- every character in the movie is in Claremont/Miller," Mangold said. "They're all in it, with only modest re-toolings of the set-up. For instance in Claremont/Miller, Logan has an ongoing relationship with Mariko, in this film they're meeting when the film begins. Well that makes sense. It'd be kind of odd to just open on a movie with a guy living in the wilderness who has an ongoing relationship with a Japanese woman. It's not quite right. It worked perfectly well in the comic, but that fact is that it's different."

Opens this Friday


A new clip has debuted online for "Kick-Ass 2" featuring Hit-Girl's race back to her house before her extracurricular activities are discovered.

Opens August 16


Adult Swim has posted the entire pilot of Stoopid Buddy's "Ubermansion" online -- starring Bryan Cranston, it's written by "Avenging Spider-Man" scribe Zeb Wells, who discussed it with CBR at the beginning of July.


After my harrowing death by execution due to being infected with the zombie virus, CBR decided to send someone else in to take on "The Walking Dead Escape" at Comic-Con Interational: Jonah Weiland's assistant Andhrea Gapunay. Check out her run below.

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