Avengers: Age of Ultron, Dredd 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: July 25th Comic Reel


I know one of my burning questions about the "Avengers" sequel centers around Wanda's famous headgear. Seems I'm not the only one as The Nerdist asked director Joss Whedon about that most fashionable of accessories. "No. She might wear a headband or something that might echo it," he answered. "The guys at Marvel, the conceptual artists, are phenomenal, and they are so good at taking the essence of what works and interpreting it for the actual human body, and when they paint something you can not only tell how it's gonna work on a person, you can even tell what fabric it'll be." Well, there's gotta be a way, right? Whedon continued, "There's the classic look and the Ultimates look, but you have to do it in a way that will work. But it can't be too old school... she can't wear a leotard."

Directed by Joss Whedon & starring everybody, release date: May 1st, 2015


Want to see that grimmest of Judges mete out justice in a hellish futureworld of corporate greed and druglords that look like Cersei Lannister doing his thing again? 2000AD certainly does and they also want fans of Dredd to sign their petition to make a sequel happen. C'mon, fans, do it or I bust out quotes from the Stallone "Judge Dredd." Ahem, "I knew you'd say that."

Release date: TBA


With the "Amazing" sequel a little less than a year away, director Marc Webb is talking about part 4(!?) In an interview with Crave Online, the director explains that though he sees the first three films as a movie with a "defined architecture to the story we were telling," he has some far off ideas for a fourth film set in the "Amazing" universe. "I think [for] the fourth movie, what we've discovered is there are so many ancillary characters, that have enormous, cinematic potential that there may be other ways to exploit those characters, in a way that is exciting and fun and worthwhile," he explained. "It might not just be a Spider-Man movie." So ... J. Jonah Jameson solo movie, then? No, wait ... "Aunt May Begins."

Meanwhile, Comic Book Movie spotted a few photos like the one below of Spidey hitting the corner store for a bite to eat:

Um, I'm no longer sure if this is part of the film or just Andrew Garfield out for a stroll. He's become quite attached to the suit these days.

Release date: May 2nd, 2014


Superhero Hype has a review of the newest entry in the saga of the man who is best at what he does. Seems that the movie is kind of pretty. "The film feels like a comic book mini-series, fitting given its basis, and that's not something other films have been able to accomplish. Though it takes bits and pieces of the mythos from previous films, and uses them as influence for the character, the telling of this story is totally self-contained. It's comforting as a fan and a viewer to get to see a film that doesn't think its audience needs constant reminders of the character's origins and world and just lets the film happen," writes reviewer Spencer Perry. That's sounds pretty cool. I'll admit my own expectations have been pretty low for this, so maybe I'll be surprised when I see it next week. I asked Ain't It Cool News's Harry Knowles how the film compared to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" on Twitter night before last and he replied, "Well that film is a total piece of shit. THIS is an actual solid movie."

Release date: July 26th, 2013


Just because I know it'll satisfy at least a few Reelers to see Tom Hiddleston playing with toys, here's Tom Hiddleston playing with toys (courtesy of Yahoo!):

Starring Chris Hemsworth, release date: November 13th, 2013


In one of yesterday's strangest rumors, it seem Leonardo DiCaprio has passed on any involvement in the "Star Wars" sequels to follow pal Tobey Maguire into the realm of Protoculture, at least, that's what Latino Review claims. I'm a huge fan of that show from its initial airing in the 1980s. I just can't imagine who DiCaprio, now in his 30s, could possible play. Hot-shot pilot Roy Fokker? Grumpy Captain Gloval? Tragic Zor Prime? Come to think of it, he does have a certain Scott Bernard quality to him. Of course, I'll take this rumor with a continent of salt. Maguire's been involved in a "Robotech" project for years. If only "Pacific Rim" made "Avatar" money, we'd be awash in giant robot movies ...

Release date: TBA


While at Comic-Con, director Jose Padilha offered Collider this video update on the film:

Release date: February 7th, 2014


Hey, Reelers! It's Erik Amaya with you for the next couple of mornings. It's always nice to drop in and see how comic book inspired movies are going. I can't believe most of the flicks I started reporting on years ago have been released. More amazing: I've added "2015" to my upcoming movies calendar! Insert a hoverboard joke here, if you like.

In the meantime, got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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