Avengers 4: All of the Times the Trailer Was Rumored to Drop But DIDN'T

With its emotionally devastating, cliffhanger ending, Avengers: Infinity War left Marvel Cinematic Universe fans clamoring for any detail they could get about next year's sequel, from official comments by the film's cast and crew to the actual, final title of the film itself. One of the longest-running and most refuted rumors regarding the fourth Avengers film concerns the expected premiere date of the sequel's first trailer.

The alleged debut of a trailer for the Infinity War sequel has been foretold seemingly more times than the apocalypse, with still no official footage from the film released online. It's got to the point where directors Joe and Anthony Russo refuse to discuss the trailer and its anticipated release date. Having just passed another rumored date for a trailer to drop, here's a history of the times an Avengers 4 trailer was expected to premiere, testing fans' patience again and again, just to be left waiting with little to show for it.

The first rumor regarding official footage being released from the upcoming sequel surfaced as early as last June, and was said to be part of Disney' presentation at CineEurope. The prospect of a full trailer debuting while Infinity War was still in theaters was unlikely, but fans hoped for a first official glimpse at the film, including the potential reveal of the sequel's title. To fans' disappointment, neither the final title or a teaser for the film debuted at the event.

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While the sequel was in the final round of reshoots last month, a new rumor allegedly describing a rough cut of the trailer was posted on Reddit before mysteriously being taken down. The Redditor claimed that the final title would be the long-rumored Avengers: Annihilation, and that the trailer release was imminent. While the removal of the post certainly helped fuel the rumors, a trailer failed to materialize, leaving many to wonder just how accurate the assumed trailer breakdown had been.

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