Avengers 4: How Much Time Has Elapsed Since Infinity War?

Tony Stark in Avengers 4 trailer

After months of anticipation, the long-awaited first trailer for Avengers: Endgame finally arrived on Friday, providing a look at the new status quo of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Thanos' devastating finger-snap, and laying to rest some rumors while raising others. First and foremost is how just how much time has elapsed between the events of Infinity War and its upcoming sequel.

There had been rumor of a five-year gap between films, but the Endgame teaser suggests that isn't the case. That said, there are moments in the new footage that seem to indicate a time jump of some kind -- perhaps not years, but nevertheless significant.

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From beginning to end, there are clues that speak to when Avengers 4 takes place: Iron Man's recorded message, Clint Barton's appearance and Ant-Man's plea, to name a few. But each appears to suggest something different.

Tony Stark, Adrift in Space

Tony Stark in Avengers 4 trailer

Let's start with Tony Stark. At the beginning of the trailer, he's adrift in space board the ship in which the Guardians of the Galaxy traveled to Titan in Infinity War. The first clues come in the message he's recording for Pepper Potts, in which he reveals his food and water ran out four days earlier.

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There's no way of knowing how well-supplied the Ravager vessel might have been, or whether Tony left Titan immediately after the events of Infinity War; he could have remained on the devastated planet to scavenge materials and supplies, and to make repairs. If we remain conservative and assume he left immediately, and that he was limited to the supplies already on the ship, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Tony would be able to survive for at least a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that the ship was used by the Guardians, so presumably there would have been enough food, water and oxygen to sustain six people.

But who knows when in Endgame this scene takes place. It could be in the beginning, but there's also a good chance it takes place much later, when Captain Marvel is brought into the fray. Many have guessed that Carol Danvers will rescue Tony before she meets the rest of the Avengers and helps to defeat Thanos. For now, however, this sequence suggests, say, three to four weeks have elapsed since the end of Infinity War.

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