Avengers 4 Is the Perfect Place to Introduce Miles Morales to the MCU


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters now.


Since his debut in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker has become one of the breakout characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland's youth makes him incredibly easy to root for, which makes it all the more heartbreaking when he becomes one of Thanos' many victims at the end of Infinity War. On the destroyed world of Titan, Peter is cradled by Tony Stark, pleading that he doesn't want to die before he eventually does, the young superhero crumbling to ash.

Peter's definitely coming back next year in Infinity War's currently unnamed sequel, but there is a wrinkle to that film. Recent casting additions have teased that there may be a larger time skip in the story than what we're used to. Instead of taking place in the relative present of the real world, the sequel may jump ahead a few extra years via some sort of time-travel mechanism.

With that in mind, and the implication that Peter has been wiped from reality, this may be the perfect way to bring Miles Morales into the MCU.

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Miles has always been something of a complicated character, even by Marvel Comics standards. He first got his start in a completely different reality than Marvel's mainstream universe, and didn't become integrated into the wider Marvel U until two years ago, making him an incredibly young hero by comic standards. The now canceled Amazing Spider-Man films shot down the possibility of Miles in the weeks before the second film released, even though Andrew Garfield advocated for the character's inclusion, and while Holland himself has said he'd be game for Miles to show up down the line, the kid hasn't been in any of the films -- yet.

Last year's Spider-Man: Homecoming did feature two very brief indications he exists in Sony's Spider-Man reality by way of his uncle Aaron Davis' arrival. (His actual debut film will be the animated Into the Spider-Verse flick this Christmas, but it very clearly is in its own world.)

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Assuming he's as young as his Uncle's comments indicated he was during the events of Homecoming, a time skip from that movie to Avengers 4 would make Miles the right age to come into his identity as a teenage superhero. Because he shows up "late" in Peter Parker's life, it's hard to pin down just when in the timeline you have him appear on screen so that it feels natural for them to hang out and swing around New York together. The first season of the current Spider-Man cartoon has Miles gain his powers only a few episodes into Peter being a hero, for example, while the upcoming Spider-Man game has Miles meet a Peter who's been a hero for nearly a decade. There's a careful line to walk, and having a Miles pop up only a few years into Peter's career as a hero is an acceptable middle ground.

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