Avengers of 1,000,000 BC To Receive Origin Issues, Starting with Ghost Rider


It's no secret that Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness' upcoming Avengers series will weave a story involving not only the modern day incarnation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but the team's prehistoric predecessors as well. As for how the two teams will share the series' spotlight, series editor Tom Brevoort tells CBR that for the most part, they're sties will weave in and out of each other, not unlike how Aaron's approached telling three generations of Thor stories, previously.

In addition to showing how the original Avengers team worked together, special one-off issues of the series will reveal the origins of its individual members, starting with the wooly mammoth riding Ghost Rider of 1,000,000 B.C. His story will be told in Avengers #7, which will also see artist Sara Pichelli step in for McGuinness to illustrate the tale.

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"The very first page of Avengers #1 opens with the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC, and that the existence of that group will be a running story thread throughout Jason’s entire tenure on the series, much in the same way he’s been weaving the dual legends of Young Thor and Old King Thor throughout his time on Thor," Brevoort told CBR. "We’re planning on doing a series of stand-alone issues along the way, each one focusing on a different member of that primordial group, The first one will be Avengers #7, the origin of the Mastodon-riding Ghost Rider of 1,000,000 BC, with artwork by Sara Pichelli."

Avengers #1, by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, arrives in May 2018 from Marvel Comics.

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