Comic Legends: Which Avenger Was Almost Married to Madame Masque?

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The second Madame Masque was going to be the ex-wife of a superhero



Last week, I wrote about how Bob Layton and David Michelinie were going to reveal who killed the original Madame Masque in "Iron Man" #238 (by David Michelinie, Bob Layton and Jackson Guice)...

And that their original intent was for the new Masque to be Tony's then girlfriend, Rae LaCoste, introduced when she gave Tony not only a perm, but a mullet, to boot!

Bob Layton confirmed that to me for last week, but he also threw in a new tidbit about the villain. I was going to wait on it, but reader John V. really wanted to hear it as soon as possible, so here goes.

Originally, Layton and Michelinie were not only going to reveal that Rae LaCoste was the new Madame Masque, but that she was also the ex-wife of Scott Lang, who Michelinie and Layton (and John Byrne) created years earlier!

Instead, their plans fell through, and it was not until 2002's "Avengers" #62 that we meet Peggy Rae, Scott Lang's ex-wife (it is some surprise that we didn't meet Scott Lang's ex-wife until 2002! Moreover, it is surprising that Geoff Johns was the first guy to introduce Ant-Man's ex-wife!).

Very cool info, Bob, thanks!

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