Avatar: 10 Incredible Water Bender Cosplay You Need to See


In the fantasy world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, benders are magically endowed people who can manipulate the four classical Greek elements. Among them are the water benders, who hail from the north and south poles. Living around water and ice, they can bend these elements with a flexible and graceful bending style. Katara, Korra, Unalaq, Tarrlok, and more showed us what water can do.

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Characters like these are ripe for cosplay, and some cosplayers know how to take their costumes to the next level. Let's visit a gallery of ten water bender cosplays so convincing, you'll swear you just stepped through the Northern Water tribe's front gates!

10 A little practice

We start the list with one of the most iconic benders of water: Katara of the southern water tribe. Her bending was the first we ever saw, and with some training, she became a bender who really took the fight to the Fire Nation. She also has the honor of being the young Avatar's first water bender teacher.

Katara takes any chance to practice bending, and any stream or pond will do just fine. @mauscosplay has captured a typical scene of the Aang gang's travels, when they stop for rest and Katara perfects her moves. And how did they make that water effect? It's so convincing! We need an umbrella.

9 Not your typical surfer dude

Okay, this might not be a particular character from the Avatar world, but his cosplay is so good, we couldn't help it. It seems this guy didn't come here for the sandcastles. Instead, he chose a sunny, warm beach to show off his moves, and we're impressed.

Not only are the crashing waves and excellent backdrop for this photo, but the outfit looks like an authentic water bender outfit, and it's sleeveless for max flexiblity. The water effect is outstanding, and his look of calm concentration is just right.

8 Captured!

It's not easy being a water bender in a world where the Fire Nation wants to conquer every corner of the globe. The Air Nation fell 100 years ago, but the Water Tribe has fought on, if only barely. Katara, like the rest of her group, assumed a Fire Nation disguise to wander the land of fire freely. Only her blue eyes gave her away.

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But this time, she's cornered! This is a fascinating and dramatic scene, where a well-armored fire bender soldier seized a vital member of Avatar Aang's roving group. What comes next? There had better be a way out of this!

7 Painted Lady in the evening

Who doesn't love a good folk tale? The story of Avatar: the Last Airbender takes the time to flesh out the world as it goes, and that includes a fishing town that Aang's group discovers in the Fire Nation. This town suffers greatly from the pollution of a nearby refinery, making all fishing useless.

But there is hope in the people's hearts: their guardian spirit, the Painted Lady. Sokka dismisses it as a folk tale, but Katara is determined to help. She even disguises herself as that figure, and soon, the real one appears. In this cosplay, the evening light and silhouette make the perfect aura of mystery and awe, like we really did just meet a supernatural being. It's a once in a lifetime event!

6 Learning the trade

Katara isn't the only water-slinger around here. Being the Avatar, Aang must learn the four elements, and that start with water, a natural ally of air. He learned the basics from Katara, and mastered this element in the Northern Water Tribe. He was a quick learner, too.

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Aang enjoys water bending, and this cosplay shows it. We get a pretty convincing Aang who casually happens by, and he's got some water to show off. Look how far he's come! That bending effect is really something. Did they use strings to hold it up?

5 Game of Avatar Thrones

Who's up for a little crossover action? Fans love to experiment with different combinations of their favorite fandoms, and this time, some of the heroes of Game of Thrones get an Avatar remake. Arya Stark has become Avatar Korra in full Water Tribe regalia, complete with a staff.

Daenerys Targaryen is now a fire bender, and she's looking good! It's fascinating how the Fire Nation style fits her so seamlessly. Finally, a Water Tribe edition of Jon Snow rounds out the group, and why not? He's Jon Snow!

4 Always a Water Tribe Girl

Back to Katara. In the first half of season 3 of Avatar: the Last Airbender, team Avatar goes underground, since the Fire Nation has effectively won the war. But hope survives, and Katara and the others disguise themselves as Fire Nation natives.

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This cosplayer has captured every detail of Katara's Fire Nation disguise, and better yet, she chose a stunning backdrop for her water bender pose. It's safer to bend like that away from the prying eyes of the towns and cities! And the water bending effects are fantastic, too.

3 Bending under the moon

Benders of water and ice have every reason to practice (or fight) under the watchful eye of the moon. Each element has an original bender, and for water, it is the moon, forever controlling the ocean's tides.

As we see in the season 1 finale of Avatar, the full moon really brings out the power of water benders, and even the Fire Nation invaders had to back off. And Hama, the rogue blood bender, can only unlock that insidious power with the full moon to guide her. This cosplay captured it nicely, and we like the secluded feel of it all. Sometimes, the very moon is your best friend.

2 The Councilman

Not all water benders are trying to save the world. In the first season of The Legend of Korra, we meet Tarrlok of the Republic City council, and he's got some serious ambition! Korra had a bad feeling about him from the start, and indeed, he schemed to rule the entire city, carrying on his mobster father's ambitions!

Now, this cosplayer shows off not only Tarrlok's trendy and modern outfit, but also his confident and proud look. Most of the time, he doesn't even have to bend a single water drop to further his plans, but don't corner him! You'll get icicles in the face!

1 Lazy day

We now conclude the list with Avatar Korra on one of her off days. She's a busy Avatar, and each villain in The Legend of Korra is a real monster. Still, there's going to be some downtime, and Korra doesn't mind taking it easy. She's earned a break.

All of the details of this cosplayer are top notch, and that outfit looks authentic enough for a movie set. The stone wall and forest backdrop are charming and rustic, and we like Korra's relaxed and happy look as she bends a little water for fun.

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