Avatar to Release Alan Moore's 'Writing for Comics'

Official Press Release

Avatar Press is pleased to announce the release of Alan Moore's Writing for Comics, a 48 page, illustrated, squarebound-format book featuring a lengthy essay by Moore containing his thoughts on comic book writing. Illustrated by Jacen Burrows (Warren Ellis' Scars, Alan Moore's The Courtyard) and featuring a cover by Juan Jose Ryp (Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance, Frank Miller's Robocop), Alan Moore's Writing for Comics is available for order in the April 2003 for items solicited for release in June.

In 1985, with Miracleman in progress and Watchmen about to begin, Alan Moore wrote an extensive essay on writing for comics which was serialized in a British fanzine. Collected in one volume for the first time, copiously illustrated by Jacen Burrows, and including a new essay by Moore on how his approach has evolved in the meantime, this tome reveals the thoughts of the master of comic book writing while he was beginning to create some of the greatest comic book stories ever told.

"Alan Moore was one of the first comics authors to write extensively and intelligently about the underpinnings of the craft," says writer Warren Ellis. "I know people who've been waiting fifteen years to see this reprinted. It goes right next to Eisner and McCloud on the smart reader's shelf."

"It's hard to imagine anything more fascinating to someone looking to understand comics than a glimpse inside Alan Moore's mind at a time when he was beginning to formulate works such as Watchmen," adds Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen. "This book is going to be important for creators, readers, and commentators in our field for years to come."

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics joins a number of other Moore projects from Avatar Press in recent and upcoming months, including the critically-acclaimed Alan Moore's The Courtyard, Alan Moore's Magic Words, the upcoming Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance, and Avatar's upcoming remastered release of Alan Moore's A Small Killing.

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics is solicited in April 2003 for June release with illustrations by Jacen Burrows and cover by Juan Jose Ryp. The release is a 48 page, squarebound, illustrated book with a retail price of $5.95.

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