Avatar: 10 Funniest Sokka Moments

The comic relief of Team Avatar, the boomerang guy, the sword guy, the meat and sarcasm guy, aka Sokka, is a man of many talents, but his talent for deadpan is the most important one in his arsenal.

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What he lacks in bending abilities he more than makes up for in quick, dry wit. Team Avatar would not be the same without Sokka and his constant stream of sarcasm, hilarious quips, and even more hilarious mishaps. In his honor, we’re listing Sokka’s ten funniest moments ever.

10 Avatar Day


The entire “Avatar Day” episode is essentially a Sokka moment since he spends the entire episode being that lovable, silly goof we all love. After getting ambushed by the Fire Nation, Sokka loses his beloved boomerang, or as he put it, part of his identity. Without his boomerang, he’s just the ponytail guy, unless he can be the detective guy. When Aang gets arrested on Avatar Day for the crimes committed by Avatar Kyoshi, Sokka brags about his detective skills and goes full Sherlock to clear Aang’s name.

So, when Katara starts deducing things before him, Sokka hilariously interrupts her, saying: “Special outfit, hat and pipe, these things mean anything to you?” Sokka then goes all out with his eureka moment, which is perfectly met with Katara’s deadpan. Later, when Katara cracks the case, Sokka shoves her away so that he can take the credit, prompting Katara to smack him on the head with his bubble pipe.

9 Water Tribe

This is such a small moment but it’s just so darn funny. In the episode “The Blind Bandit”, in which we meet Toph, Aang gets in trouble with some local kids after he goes asking questions about the underground earhtbending tournament. Katara steps in and manages to make them talk. When Team Avatar later visits the Earthbending Academy and runs into the same kids again, Katara successfully interrogates them about the so-called Blind Bandit.

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Turning to leave Katara threatens them/warns them once again, which is followed by Sokka’s hilarious little dance move as he whispers “Water Tribe”. The way he says it and the little dance move he does never stops being funny.

8 The Ember Island Players

Leave it to Avatar to make the recap episode one of the best the show has ever done. In “The Ember Island Players”, Team Avatar goes to see a play about the adventures of Team Avatar performed by the Fire Nation acting group, the Ember Island Players. Both the play and Team Avatar’s reactions to the play are absolutely hilarious.

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Sokka gets way too involved with the play, even giving the actor who plays him some jokes to say, like “What does a cabbage merchant use to fix his cabbages? A cabbage patch.” He also does some of the ubiquitous lampshade hanging. First, he makes a comment about how going to watch the play is like a fun side adventure they used to have. Then, when Zuko asks whether Jet just died in the play, Sokka responds with “you know, it was really unclear”.

7 The Fire Family

In "The Headband", Team Avatar sneaks into Fire Nation territory using a cloud camo, but Sokka doesn’t think they were stealthy enough because they couldn’t keep quiet. Toph makes fun of him, joking how they wouldn’t want a bird to turn them in, to which Sokka replies in all seriousness: “Hey, we’re in enemy territory. Those are enemy birds.”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This entire episode is packed to the brim with incredibly funny Sokka moments. Sokka and Katara sort of become Aang’s parents and go to a conference with the school's headmaster after Aang, aka Kuzon, gets in trouble for dancing. Sokka puts on a fake beard, Katara gets a fake baby bump and they introduce themselves as Wang and Sapphire Fire. Sokka pretending to be Aang’s father, even when they’re in the cave alone is hilarious especially when he yells “go to your room”.

6 Haiku Battle


The “Tales of Ba Sing Se” episode is a fan-favorite for many reasons, and Sokka’s haiku battle is one of those reasons. In The Tale of Sokka, Sokka stumbles his way into a poetry club where he accidentally gets himself into a haiku competition with one of the members.

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He gets in a few successful haikus, making the ladies laugh with his witty lines, but ultimately pushes his luck a tad too far. He goes into an improve rap with the words: “That’s right, I’m Sokka, it’s pronounced with an okka, young ladies, I rock ya!” His enthusiastic performance is met with crickets and a muscular bouncer soon throws him out because “that’s one too many syllables there, bub”.

5 The Fortuneteller


The Book One episode “The Fortuneteller” has tons of Sokka moments that crack us up every time we watch it. Team Avatar comes across a village that relies solely on the predictions of a cloud-reading fortuneteller. While Aang and Katara are more open-minded about the whole thing, Sokka discounts it completely.

His skepticism only grows stronger when the fortuneteller predicts that his future will be full of self-inflicted pain. Arguing against her prediction, Sokka kicks a pebble, which ricochets off a sign and hits him in the head. Of course, that only makes him more furious. Sokka’s interactions with villagers who so recklessly put their lives in the hands of a fortuneteller are painful for him but hilarious for us. In the end, the volcano that the fortuneteller predicted wouldn’t erupt starts erupting and Sokka asks the villagers if their fortunetelling can explain that. To his disbelief, one of the villagers retorts with “can your science explain why it rains?”, prompting Sokka to yell in frustration “Yes! Yes, it can!”

4 Sneak Attack!

In the Book Three episode “The Runaway”, Katara and Toph are helping Aang train, but get into an argument when Toph accidentally hits Katara with a rock. While the two of them battle it out, with Aang – still blindfolded – caught in the midst of it, Sokka decides to take this opportunity to deliver a devastating and unexpected blow to the Avatar.

He hilariously jumps out from behind a rock with his right arm stretched out, yelling at the top of his lungs “sneak attack”. Of course, Aang easily stops him with earthbending, informing his silly friend that sneak attacks don’t work if you yell it out loud. Who’d figure?

3 The Deadpan Snarker


The first episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, “The Boy in the Iceberg” opens with Sokka and Katara trying to catch some fish, but they end up catching something else entirely when they discover Aang and Appa frozen in an iceberg.

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Sokka is suspicious of Aang, especially once he sees the giant, six-legged creature that Aang introduces as Appa, his flying bison. Establishing himself as the resident deadpan snarker, and a fan favorite, Sokka replies: “Right, and this is Katara, my flying sister.” It’s one of his funniest and most memorable lines.

2 Foo Foo Cuddlypoops


In the phenomenal Book Two episode “Bitter Work”, Sokka goes off on his own to catch something meaty to eat. He finds an unidentifiable, cute, meat-creature and tries to deliver a killing blow by jumping down from a tree. However, he falls through a crevice into the ground. Stuck, he tries to strike again but instead ends up buried up to his neck, unable to do anything but wait.

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The creature climbs on top of Sokka’s head and he tries to explain the food chain to his new friend, whom he names Foo Foo Cuddlypoops. He promises to lead a “karmically correct” vegetarian existence if he manages to get out of this alive. Later, the creature brings him an apple but puts it out of Sokka’s reach. Sokka tries and fails to use his boomerang to get the fruit ("Now, come back, boomerang!") As time goes by, Sokka becomes more desperate, promising to give up meat and sarcasm if he gets out of this alive. The fact that he sums up his whole identity as “Sokka, the meat and sarcasm guy” is just too funny. Luckily, Aang finds him before he has to resort to giving up his identity.

1 Tripping On Cactus Juice


In the Book Two episode “The Desert”, while the team was wandering, stranded in the desert, Sokka got desperate and drank cactus juice. After a few slurps, his pupils dilated and he started babbling stuff like: “Drink cactus juice. It’ll quench ya. Nothing is quenchier. It’s the quenchiest.”

It soon becomes clear that he’s tripping on cactus juice and having some freaky hallucinations when he goes up to Toph and asks: “Who lit Toph on fire?” The entire time Sokka is tripping on cactus juice is hysterically funny. Perhaps the most memorable scene is when he sees a giant mushroom cloud and says this: “It’s a… giant mushroom. Maybe it’s friendly! Friendly mushroom!! Mushy giant friend!!!”

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