Avatar Returns to Paradise with Alan Moore's Glory

Avatar Press has announced that it will publish Alan Moore's Glory, a four issue mini-series completely written by legendary comic creator Alan Moore. The full color series features art by Marat Mychaels (Demonslayer) and covers by Joseph Michael Linsner, David Finch, Brandon Peterson, and others. The eagerly anticipated saga is scheduled to begin in November, 2001.

"As a fan of Alan Moore's work since the days of Miracleman, Watchmen, and Swamp Thing, I am extremely proud that Avatar is a part of this project," says Avatar Press editor in chief William Christensen. "Moore is one of the most highly regarded writers in the history of the medium, and his stellar work on Glory will add yet another highlight to his amazing body of work."

"And the rest of the team is equal to the task of realizing Moore's vision," Christensen continues. "Image star Marat Mychaels is doing the work of his career, the detail he is putting into the pages is simply amazing. Rob Liefeld also deserves major praise on a couple of fronts here. First, for providing a foundation for this work with an inspired character -- Glory is one of my favorite Liefeld creations, in fact. And secondly, for his vision in bringing this outstanding Alan Moore saga together."

"It will be nice to see this material finally coming out," adds series writer Alan Moore, who will also be contributing editorial guidance to the series as the work progresses. "When I told Moore we would spare no effort in making the finished work live up to his excellent script, he graciously offered his feedback and comments as the saga develops," notes Christensen. "I'm delighted to have the insight of one of the masters of the medium as we continue to work on the series."

Started at Image in 1995, Glory has been the tale of the daughter of a warrior goddess and a demon lord -- a strong, beautiful, and immortal demi-goddess who is the progeny of two worlds but belongs to neither, and thus has consigned herself to the mortal realm, where she has fought for the causes of humanity for decades. Alan Moore's Glory chronicle further defines the character and expands on her role as goddess and warrior, as well as her anchor to humanity.

Avatar Press has carved a niche for itself as a publisher that pushes the boundaries between mainstream and independent with titles such as Avengelyne, The Coven, Warren Ellis' Strange Kiss and Dark Blue, David Quinn and Tim Vigil's 777: The Wrath, company owned characters such as Pandora and The Ravening, and long-running anthology title Threshold. Now entering its fifth year, Avatar has published nearly 300 comic books since 1997.

Alan Moore's Glory begins in November 2001 with a special preview shipping in October and a issue zero with tons of prelude material also shipping in November from Comic Cavalcade. The full color saga will be written by Alan Moore and drawn by Marat Mychaels, with inks by Robert Jones and color by Nimbus. An all-star cover lineup includes Joseph Michael Linsner, David Finch, and others. For more information, email info@avatarpress.net or see our web site at www.avatarpress.com.

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