Avatar Press to reprint Alan Moore's 'A Small Killing'

Official Press Release

Avatar Press has announced that it will bring one of the mostimportant graphic novels of the past decade back into printwith Alan Moore's A Small Killing, a sophisticated thrillerfrom the creator who has helped define the graphic novel form.Scheduled to be published in May 2003, the full color,oversized, 104 page project is painted by artist Oscar Zarate.This upgraded new edition includes completely remasteredartwork and lettering, a commentary article by both Alan Mooreand Oscar Zarate, and new cover art for both the regular andhardcover editions. One of a number of Moore projectsannounced by Avatar recently, Alan Moore's A Small Killingjoins an Avatar Press schedule that includes work from severalhigh-profile creators in early 2003 including Frank Miller,Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Joe R. Lansdale and Tim Truman, andother projects from Moore himself.

The project is considered by many to be one of Moore's bestworks, and pivotal in the development of the themes he hasexplored as a writer. "A Small Killing is a very personal,tremendously affecting piece of work, and a keystone inMoore's body of writing," notes fellow writer Warren Ellis.

"A Small Killing, of all of the works that I have done overthe course of my career, is the one I think of as the one thatalmost got away. I've always thought it was a wonderful work,one of the best things I've ever done," says creator AlanMoore. "Working with Oscar Zarate was an incredibleexperience and he remains a close friend and colleague to thisday. We'd both felt we had outdone ourselves on thatparticular book. It was released in an unusual format by apublisher who was testing the waters on graphic novels withoutnecessarily a great and inclusive game plan behind that andfor whatever reason, it never seemed to receive the attentionthat I think the work probably deserved. That may not be forme to say any may be for other people to make their mind upabout, but for my money, A Small Killing is one of the bestpieces of comic book art that I have ever been involved in. Iam looking forward to seeing the Avatar edition, released tenyears after the initial release. Maybe sensibilities havechanged in the intervening decade and maybe that some of thematerial that we were dealing with then might make more senseif looked at from a vantage point of now. So I'm very muchlooking forward to this new edition of one of my all-timefavorite pieces of work."

"At a time when original graphic novels are receiving moreattention than ever, I'm pleased to be working with Alan Mooreand Oscar Zarate to make this key contribution to the formavailable again to the readership with this upgraded newedition," adds Avatar Press editor in chief WilliamChristensen. "A Small Killing is a vital part of Moore'sbody of work and it should be accessible to a wide audience."

A Small Killing is the story of Timothy Hole, a successfuladman who has just been handed the biggest assignment of hislife, marketing a major cola in Russia. But his smooth lifebegins to unravel as he is stalked by a demonic child thatmakes him question not just who he is, but how he reallyeffects those around him. It is about the little murders thatwe all have to make each day just to get by. The traceassassinations of tiny things. Really, how much damage can bedone by a small killing?

Alan Moore's A Small Killing is a full color, oversized, 104page graphic novel scheduled for release in May 2003 fromAvatar Press. Written by Alan Moore with fully painted artworkby Oscar Zarate, this new edition includes completelyremastered artwork and lettering, and a commentary article byboth Alan Moore and Oscar Zarate. The graphic novel will beavailable in regular and limited hardcover editions.

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