"Avatar" Overshadows "The Dark Knight"

Following its sixth straight week as the number one film in the United States, James Cameron's "Avatar" has now reached the number two spot on the list of all time domestic moneymakers, according to Variety. That spot was previously held by Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" at a domestic gross of $533.3 million. "Avatar" now has a $552.8 million take. "James Cameron created in 'Avatar' a film with such humanity and magic that it resonates with people of every culture," says Fox International vice presidents Paul Hannenman. The film has overtaken Cameron's own "Titanic" as the highest grossing film overseas to the tune of $1.28 billion. The film's overall take is $1.84 billion.

"Avatar" is presented in a variety of formats including IMAX, IMAX 3-D, 3-D and conventional 2-D. Within that, every major 3-D projection technology is being employed to show the film on the widest possible number of screen. According to the Variety article, "Cameron's 3D pic grossed $6.6 million from IMAX screens, representing approximately 19% of the film's overall domestic take."

With all that technology employed, Fox senior Vice President of domestic distribution Chris Aronson credits the film's emotional resonance with viewers. "It's one thing to have this technological marvel, but beyond that, I think it connects with people on so many different levels," he said. Indeed, there have been reports of some viewers experiencing "Avatar" Withdrawal.

Variety notes, "Overall, domestic B.O. receipts saw a 6% uptick compared to the same weekend last year," but the success of "Avatar" will no doubt cause a wave of 3-D films attempting to mimic the success of the film.

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