Avatar: 10 Crazy Katara Fan Theories That Were Actually True

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a smash hit, and in many ways so was the follow-up series (Avatar: The Legend of Korra). Given that, it’s really no surprise that there were hundreds of fan theories floating around about basically every aspect of the series.

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The cool part is learning that some of these theories ended up being accurate. Many fans focused on Katara in particular, and it’s amazing to see how many things they accurately predicted. Here are just a few of the theories that were confirmed true.

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10 Healing Touch

Even at the earliest points in the series, many fans were of the belief that healing was a possibility for waterbenders. Specifically, they believed that if healing was a possibility in this series, then Katara would learn and master the ability.

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This fact was proven to be completely spot on. Not only did Katara learn to heal – but she eventually became one of the best healers in the world. If not the best. She did a lot of healing in her time, including in her old age. In many ways, this was the specialty she always needed.

9 It Wasn’t Meant to Be

Jet in Avatar the Last Airbender

During the course of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara found herself with many choices to make. Early in the series she was told that she would marry a ‘powerful bender’ but there was no clarification on what type of bender – which left fans in a tizzy.

Two notable potentials were known to the fandom: Jet and Zuko. Both ships had strong support, but not as strong as the ones rooting for the relationship that ended up becoming canon to the series. Perhaps the fans knew all along?

8 The Romance

As mentioned above, there were several options for Katara when it comes to romance. However, most of the fans were rooting for Katara and Aang to work things out and end up together. There are plenty of reasons to have rooted for these two. But it’s safe to say that these fans were pleased with the result.

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The conclusion of Avatar: The Last Airbender left it clear that Aang and Katara were moving forward in their relationship. A fact that was reinforced later when The Legend of Korra came out – showing an elderly Katara taking care of her and Aang’s children and grandchildren.

7 She Couldn’t Repeat the Actions of Her Past

Right from the beginning of the series, all fans were aware of Katara’s painful past. Her mother had been killed by a firebender, and it left both her and her brother emotionally scarred. And it was a fact that Katara brought up again and again. While some fans were annoyed with the repetition, other fans were convinced that they were building to something here.

But not the obvious. Katara could have gone the way of revenge. In fact, she came very close to it. But when presented with the opportunity to kill the man who murdered her mother, she simply couldn’t do it. She couldn’t continue the cycle of death and pain. Just like many of her fans predicted.

6 Katara and Azula Were Intentional Opposites


Another thing fans couldn’t help but notice was the fact that Azula and Katara were mirrors on one another. Essentially, every difference that could be made between the two, both in abilities and temperaments, was present (and then some). Thus fans had an inkling that Katara would be taking on Azula in the final showdown. It made sense – and while Zuko was involved in the fight as well, it’s clear that he would not have won had Katara not been present.

5 Matriarch

Katara has always carried the maternal mantle. As a child without a mother, she picked up the chores and emotional requirements lost. That meant caring for her goofy brother, being the boss, cleaning up. The usual. That left Katara seeming older than her years. It also gave us the impression that she would one day follow the path of her Gran Gran.

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And it did indeed come to pass. Katara became the matriarch of her family, her own version of Gran Gran. Last we saw of her, she was the elder of her tribe, and one of the most respected water benders out there.

4 Bending in the Blood?

Through the entirety of Avatar: The Last Airbender fans were arguing and debating how bending runs through family lines. Plenty of evidence was dropped for both sides of the debate. However, Katara’s life is a solid example of why bending has to be more than just genes.

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Katara’s mother and brother did not have the ability to waterbend. And later, Katara married a powerful Airbender. Together they had three children, Bumi (a child who started out with no bending abilities), Kya (a waterbender), and Tenzin (an Airbender).

3 Bloodbending

This is another theory that technically isn’t specific to Katara – but it did affect her, so we’re going to include it here. The avid fans of Avatar had many predictions about bending abilities. One of those theories focused on bloodbending. In that they believed that it existed.

During the episode "The Puppetmaster" fans were proven all sorts of correct on that count. Not only is bloodbending an actual ability – but Katara herself learned it. She was horrified by its nature and later was behind the movement to ban it.

2 Survival


Thanks to the predictions Katara was given early on, fans were always fairly confident of Katara’s survival. While every other character had the potential to die during any one conflict (even though it was technically a kids series), Katara was the lone character who seemed safe. From mortal peril, at least.

Fans were rewarded with that comfort. And we were even given the opportunity to see her again during The Legend of Korra – because, of course, she was still up and about, outliving most of the other characters of her time.

1 A Teacher Through and Through

The final prediction fans had about Katara was proven during The Legend of Korra. Fans believed–correctly–that Katara would become the teacher for the next Avatar. Sort of bringing the series full circle. After all, she’s the waterbender we know best, and the next Avatar should have been a waterbender… you can understand why fans were rooting for this one (even if the appearance of a new Avatar meant the death of Aang).

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And Katara did just that. She stepped up and trained Korra in waterbending. She taught her how to fight and how to heal. Naturally, she avoided teaching her bloodbending. But she passed on everything else she knew, including how to cope with pain and loss.

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