The Last Airbender vs Legend of Korra: Which Has The Better Team Avatar?

Nickelodeon's Avatar: the Last Airbender introduced audiences to the pan-Asian world of the Avatar, and a twelve-year-old airbending monk named Aang was tasked with restoring peace and balance to the world. With his Team Avatar backing him up, Aang mastered the four elements and defeated Fire Lord Ozai to end the Hundred Year War.

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Some 70 years later, the Avatar cycle continued with Korra, a hot-headed Water Tribe girl with her own Team Avatar backing her up against Equalist revolutionaries, Unaloq and the evil spirits, the anarchist Zaheer, and ultimately, the Earth Empire. But how do these two teams of heroes stack up against each other? Did Aang or Korra have the better squad?

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10 Aang's Spirituality

It's no secret that Korra struggled with her spiritual side, and preferred to fire bend or even just punch her way out of any bind. But this made for a real blind spot in her Avatar powers, while Aang, as an air bender, was perfectly attuned to the spirit world. With that connection, he helped tame a number of angry spirits and learned much from other spirits. Aang also knew that not all solutions to problems involve violence, giving him a gentle but firm hand to handle any problem.

9 Asami and Future Industries

Technology was pretty limited in Aang's day, but by the time Korra is ready to take on the world's evil, she had access to airships, jeeps, and even motorcycles. Korra's team included Asami Sato who, though not a bender, became the CEO of Future Industries. This means that Asami lent her team all kinds of vehicles, and Korra and Tenzin sought out new air benders in the luxury of a huge Future Industries airship. Why not travel in style?

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8 Katara Can Blood Bend

Not that she relished this fact, but Katara was skilled enough as a water bender to learn the rare and terrifying art of blood bending. As far as water benders go, Katara can do it all: defense, offense, ice, healing, and of course, blood bending. She later had it outlawed around the world to contain this vicious power, but all the same, she certainly could use it in Aang's defense if need be. And Katara just needed one demonstration of blood bending to learn it for herself.

7 Mako Can Bend Lightning

Team Avatar has some wildly talented benders, but not even with the addition of Prince Zuko later on could the team offer lightning bending. Mako, by contrast, is a talented pro bending athlete and can sling lightning like a champ. While he might not be the prodigy Princess Azula once was, Mako can blast away his foes with lightning if Korra's team finds itself backed into a corner. And Mako can sustain his lightning bending long enough to use it on the factory floor, too.

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6 Toph, Supreme Earth Bender

Both Team Avatar groups feature diverse benders, and Team Avatar boasts what is probably the most talented earth bender to ever live. Though born blind, Toph Beifong learned earth bending from its original source: the badger moles. This way, she learned the true philosophy of earth bending, making her more attuned to the ground under one's feet than anyone else. It is little wonder that she was the first to pioneer metal bending, and she used this to great effect against the Fire Nation.

5 Bolin Bends Lava

No doubt that Toph is a titan among earth benders, but Korra's team offers an earth bending skill that Aang's does not: lava bending. This rare, extraordinary earth bending skill made its premiere when the anarchist Gazan used it against Korra's team, but not long after that, Bolin learned it, too. This saved his and Tenzin's life when the Red Lotus attacked an Air Nomad temple, and Bolin bended some lava to make an escape from the Earth Empire's forces three years later.

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4 Sokka, The Sarcastic Genius

This Water Tribe warrior is the non-bender of Aang's Team Avatar, and though he openly envied his team's benders at some point, he's a critical part of the group. Sokka can quickly analyze any situation and find the most resourceful solution, whether or not bending is required. This has saved Team Avatar from defeat or capture more than once, and he invented airships right alongside an inventor working in an old Air Nomad temple. Not to mention Sokka is the architect of the plan to invade the Fire Nation during the solar eclipse.

3 Korra's Team Is Older

Aang is a child prodigy of an air bender, but he's still only 12 years old, and he's given in to some bratty moments. The same is true for his whole team, in fact, where no one is older than 15. Often, they argue, annoy each other, or burn all kinds of bridges since they act so silly. They stumble to the solution of a problem more than once during their childish antics, but Korra's team members are a little wiser and sophisticated and know just what to do from the start. Asami is smart enough to run an entire company, and Mako has an excellent head on his shoulders that first let him survive the streets of Republic City, then become a talented police officer.

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2 Aang Assembles An Army

Team Avatar is a small group of kids, but they don't act alone. Throughout The Last Airbender, Aang and his cohorts proved skilled at recruiting individuals, teams, or even entire armies to the cause. When the time came to invade the  Fire Nation, benders and warriors from all over the world rallied under one banner, something that Korra's team never really did. At some point, Aang's team even won over the Earth King. If it weren't for Azula's schemes, the entire Earth Kingdom army would have been brought to bear on the Fire Nation during that solar eclipse!

1 Korra's Team Isn't A Bunch Of Outlaws

This isn't to say that Korra had no enemies. Far from it! But at least Korra didn't have an entire nation hunting her, like how the Fire Nation tirelessly hunted Aang. This forced Aang's team to move around by stealth, while Korra had no such issues, and could cruise all over the Earth Kingdom in a huge airship, no problem. Many more people were willing to cooperate with Korra in a fight or other endeavor, since doing so would not bring the wrath of the Fire Nation against them. It pays to not have a bounty on your head.

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