Avatar Abducts Warren Ellis' 'Atmospherics'

Official Press Release

[Atmospherics]Avatar Press has announced that it will collect the out of print classic Warren Ellis serial Atmospherics into a single graphic novel for the first time. The 1996 Ellis tale of a witness to mysterious cattle-mutilation style killings in a small town features the artwork of painter Ken Meyer. The deluxe squarebound graphic novel is scheduled to ship in May from Avatar Press.

"Atmospherics is one of my lost works, written for a noble experiment that no-one really saw -- a one-dollar anthology of creator-owned material," says creator Warren Ellis. "But that was in the dark days of the mid-Nineties, and I'm delighted to see Avatar dust it off for a new generation of people who like to read new ideas."

"This twisted little tale was destined to claw its way back into ink and pulp," adds Avatar Press editor in chief William Christensen. "And I'm pleased to be working with Warren and Ken to remaster this classic Ellis work. We're doing fresh scans, letters, and production on the work and putting it into the deluxe package that it deserves."

Ellis and painter Ken Meyer unleash a totally remastered version of this terrifying alien tale that has been out of print for many years and never before collected into one graphic novel. She's in a hospital. Except it may be a police station. She's been traumatized. Or she's been arrested. She's the only living witness of a cattle-mutilation style attack on humans. Or she's a multiple killer who has a psychotic reaction to heroin use. Who may not survive discovering who she really is. This deluxe square bound graphic novel also features all the stunning paintings Ken Meyer produced for the series, many of which have never seen print, a special section focusing on how Ken creates his work, and a new introduction by Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis' Atmospherics is a 48 page squarebound graphic novel written by Ellis with artwork by Ken Meyer, scheduled to ship in May 2002 from Avatar Press. For more information check out www.avatarpress.com.

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