Avast! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Aye, me maties, 19 September be your day to talk in the manner of th' great pirates o' years past!  If ye can talk like a pirate, ye could ...

Sail high above th' streets of Manhattan Island with Cap'n Fear as he fights Cap'n Hemlocke! 


Cruise th' Spanish Main in 1687 with th' delectable Lady Sin and her fine ship El Cazador! 


 Skewer Portuguese lepers with th' rest o' the gang of Scurvy Dogs! 


Or rise to th' top o' th' corporate world! 


So many options, me hearties!  So tip some grog, ye bilge rats, and chime in with your favorite comics-related pirate doings!¹

¹And really, if you haven't bought Scurvy Dogs by now, for shame.  We may have to check you for a sense of humor and a soul.  Go buy it now!

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