Autobots roll out in incredible 'Transformers' stop-motion short

This amazing stop-motion short film by Harris Loureiro will send many nostalgic Transformers fans scurrying for their boxes of old action figures.

The result of six months of work, "Transformers Generation" is a blend of pure fun and impressive skills as the Autobots face the Decepticons in a 15-minute battle amid cardboard boxes -- some for the toys themselves -- gunfire and laser blasts. This isn't rudimentary stop-motion, either; these robots in disguise transform as they leap through the air and race across the floor, and are sent flying against the wall by the force of an explosion.

Loureiro borrowed many of the figures from friends, while six people provided all of the voices. He also hints that there's more to come, writing, "Its does look like there will be a sequel for this one ... maybe."

(via The Daily Dot)

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