Articles by Will Allred


Guarding the Marvel U: Casey Jones talks "Guardians"

This July Marvel will issue the first of a new five-issue series, "Guardians," from writer Marc Sumerak and artist Casey Jones. Jones spoke with CBR News about the seres and his fellow creators, plus a look at artwork from the series.


Chatting with Artist Casey Jones

You've seen his work on 'Excalibur,' 'Fantastic Four,' 'Quicksilver,' 'Birds of Prey' and more, but you may not have seen much of Casey Jones in recent years. Where's he been and what's he up to next? Jones answers those questions and more.


One Foot in the Comic: Rich-McKelvey on 'Footman 15'

[Footman 15]A young woman trained at an early age to be a killer, to exterminate anything society might see as mythological, paranormal, or just not real. Creator Christopher Rich-McKelvey talks about the series and what you can expect.


Mark Waid Interview

[Mark Waid Interview]Incoming 'Fantastic Four' writer Mark Waid discusses landing the FF gig and how he's approaching this book, the future of 'Ruse' and what's up next for the writer.


Mark Bagley Interview

Bagley discusses working with Bendis on the hit Ultimate Spider-Man, his tenure on Thunderbolts and much more


Gene Colan Interview

An extensive and revealing interview with veteran comic artist Gene Colan. Gene recounts his early days working for Marvel, time spent on Tomb of Dracula, some thoughts on the Blade movie and much more.