Articles by Travis Fischer


CCI: BOOM! Stan Lee Panel

BOOM! Studios writers Mark Waid, Chris Roberson, and Paul Cornell all took to the Comic-Con stage to talk with fans about their new superhero projects and what it's like working with "The Man" himself, Stan Lee.


CCI: Indy Writers Unite

Independent writers unite at Comic-Con International for a discussion about writing, promoting, publishing comic books outside of the mainstream industry and what it means to be independent.


CCI: Marvel Writers Panel

Some of Marvel's most popular scribes including Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Mark Waid, and Chris Claremont gathered for a discussion of their history and writing philosophies at Comic-Con International.


CCI: Spotlight on James Sturm

Graphic novelist and art teacher James Sturm shared the history of his career with fans, won an award and talked about every thing from art school to internet culture during his CCI spotlight panel.


CCI: Bryan Hitch

Marvel Comics editor Nick Lowe and superstar "Fantastic Four" and "The Authority" illustrator Bryan Hitch met with fans at Comic-Con International last weekend to discuss the artist's career and creative process.


CCI: One on One with Terry Moore

Terry Moore held a "one-on-one" panel with fans to discuss his "Echo," "Runaways," "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane," and other projects this past weekend at Comic-Con International.


CCI XTRA: "Stargate: SG1: The Movie"

The cast and crew of "Stargate: SG1" took the stage at Comic-Con International to discuss with fans the first film based on the hit sci-fi television series, "Stargate: The Arc of Truth."


CCI XTRA: Spotlight on George A. Romero

Zombie film hero George A. Romero took the stage with zombie author Max Brooks and writer J, Michael Straczynski for a discussion of "Diary of the Dead" and "World War Z."

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