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Deadman #6

Boston Brand’s death was no accident, but a planned and ruthless murder…orchestrated by the Head of the Demon! DC Comics’ Deadman #6 by Neal Adams.


Damage #4

Ethan is forced to choose between transforming into Damage or protecting his own sanity! DC Comics’ Damage #4 by Robert Venditti & Cary Nord.


Bombshells United #16

Wham! The Bombshells dive into a deadly volcanic lair! DC Comics’ Bombshells United #16 by Marguerite Bennett & Sandy Jarrell.


Batwoman #14

The Many Arms of Death bring a plague that will devour everything Batwoman holds dear! DC Comics’ Batwoman #14 by Marguerite Bennett & Fernando Blanco


Batman: Sins of the Father #3

Batman is ambushed by the villain known as Black Spider! DC Comics' Batman: Sins of the Father #3 by Christos Gage & Raffaele Ienco.


Batman: Creature of the Night #3

The trauma that shaped Bruce, and the monster he created, is still with him! DC's Batman: Creature of the Night #3 by Kurt Busiek & John Paul Leon.


Batman #45

Booster Gold enlists Batman & Catwoman for a time-traveling mission to rescue…Booster Gold! DC's Batman #45 by Tom King & Tony S. Daniel.


Aquaman #35

King Rath’s new power has a terrifying cost…one that will change Atlantis forever! DC Comics' Aquaman #35 by Dan Abnett & Robson Rocha.


Action Comics #1000

Celebrate 1000 issues of DC Comics' Action Comics with an all-star lineup of top talent as they pay tribute to the comic that started it all!

CBR Exclusives

EXCLUSIVE: Betrothed #3

The Betrothed’s guardians get involved as all hell breaks loose for Kieron & Tamara! AfterShock Comics' Betrothed #3 by Sean Lewis & Steve Uy.


Uncle Scrooge #34

It’s an epic-length adventure for Scrooge McDuck’s big 70th anniversary! IDW's Uncle Scrooge #34 by Vito Stabile, Daan Jippes & Alessandro Perina.


Diablo House #4

Many magicians have visited Diablo House to pull back the curtain on unimaginable secrets! IDW Publishing's Diablo House #4 by Ted Adams & Santipérez.


30 Days of Night #5

Will marauding vampires' bloody rampage be stopped short by a mystery faction? IDW Publishing's 30 Days of Night #5 by Steve Niles & Piotr Kowalski.


Punks Not Dead #3

Sid & Fergie head to Wigan Casino to find out how they’re connected to each other! IDW's Punks Not Dead #3 by David Barnett & Martin Simmonds.


The Spider King #3

Viking queen Sigrid attempts to assassinate Aarek the Wolf and prevent an intergalactic war! IDW's The Spider King #3 by Josh Vann & Simone D’Armini.


Black Crown Quarterly #3

IDW Publishing's Black Crown Quarterly #3 by Peter Milligan, Rob Davis, David Barnett, Tini Howard, Tess Fowler, Rob Davis & more!

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