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EXCLUSIVE: Skyward #2

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Willa’s Dad claims he knows how to fix the world. Willa thinks he’s a crazy old man. Image Comics' Skyward #2 by Joe Henderson & Lee Garbett.

Riverdale #12 (UNLETTERED)


Take a visit to the mean streets of the Southside with Jughead! Archie Comics' Riverdale #12 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Aaron Allen & Thomas Pitilli.

The Archies #7 (UNLETTERED)


The hard rockin' conclusion to the beloved rock 'n' roll comic is here! Archie Comics' The Archies #7 by Alex Segura, Matt Rosenberg & Joe Eisma.

Jughead: The Hunger #5


What brings our hamburger eating wolfman back to Riverdale? Archie Comics' Jughead: The Hunger #5 by Frank Tieri, Pat and Tim Kennedy & Joe Eisma.

Teen Titans GO! #27


Beast Boy is convinced that evil Insure Ants will attack! DC Comics' Teen Titans GO! #27 by Ivan Cohen, Matt Manning, Jeremy Lawson & Erich Owen.

Superman #45


The challenge of the Bizarroverse continues as the Super Foes battle the Legion of Fun! DC Comics' Superman #45 by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason.

Super Sons #15


Kid Amazo reveals a secret that might tear apart Damian & Jon’s friendship! DC Comics' Super Sons #15 by Peter J. Tomasi & Carlo Barberi.

Nightwing #43


All Dick Grayson wants is a night to himself. But when Robin & Arsenal come calling… DC Comics' Nightwing #43 by Michael Moreci & Minkyu Jung.

Mister Miracle #8


A return to war on Apokolips! Scott Free is engaged in a bloody battle against Darkseid’s forces! DC’s Mister Miracle #8 by Tom King & Mitch Gerads.

Justice League #43


The Justice League’s hand is forced by the mercenary Deathstroke! DC Comics’ Justice League #43 by Christopher Priest & Pete Woods.

Injustice 2 #24


It’s all hands on deck for the start of the final battle against Amazo! DC Comics’ Injustice 2 #24 by Tom Taylor & Bruno Redondo.

Green Lanterns #45


Simon and the Justice League turn to an unlikely ally to find Jessica: John Constantine! DC Comics’ Green Lanterns #45 by Tim Seeley & Ronan Cliquet.

Future Quest Presents #9


Young Dorno of the Herculoids clan wants to make his own way in the world! DC Comics’ Future Quest Presents #9 by Rob Williams & Aaron Lopresti.

Deathbed #3


Have you ever felt alone? Lost? Like you needed a friend? If so…join the Cult of Luna! Vertigo Comics’ Deathbed #3 by Joshua Williamson & Riley Rossmo

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