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Meet Desvitio, the 2018 Creators for Creators Grant Recipient

Steve Morris

Based in the snowy drifts of Yorkshire, fearless hero Steve Morris has written for several comics sites for the past decade, including Comics Vanguard, The Beat, ComicsAlliance, and The MNT (which he co-founded in 2017 and stands for "Monthly Newsletter Thing - people ask about that all the time). He writes about any and all kinds of comics, focusing on interviews for CBR, and on the sorts of interviewees who don't get the chance to be heard elsewhere. Also currently writing about single issues in depth for Shelfdust, Steve started with the X-Men and would like to formally encourage you to all read "Pixie Strikes Back", which is a seminal work. You can find him on twitter @stevewmorris, where he encourages you to please send him photos of any cool rabbits you've met recently.

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