Articles by Stephen J Stanis


WWLA Day One: One Year Later In The DCU

DC's big four writers are busy at work getting "52," a weekly series revolving around the post "Infinite Crisis" world of characters outside the big three. We learned all about it on Day One of Wizard World L.A.


WWLA Day Two: Darick Robertson is Bringing "The Boys" to Town

[Updated With New Art] Sex, violence, dead babies, geriatric superheroes, and a new book teaming former "Wolverine" artist Darick Robertson with writer Garth Ennis, are all in store in the pages of Vertigo and Wildstorm. The news keeps coming on Day Two of Wizard World Los Angeles, at DC's Vertigo/Wildstorm panel.


WWLA Day Two: Superman, Batman, Pat Lee & DC

The fall out from "Infinite Crisis" continues as DC Comics looks ahead to the summer and beyond, at this Wizard World L.A panel. Oh, and you'll also find out who's coming back to "Superman/Batman."