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Shaun Manning

Shaun Manning has written for CBR since 2006. In that time, during which the site has won multiple Eisner Awards, Shaun has interviewed some of the biggest writers, artists, and editors of the comics medium, as well as the stars and directors of comics and sci-fi TV and film. All of this started when, at around seven or eight years old, he picked up a tattered copy of Marvel's Transformers #1 at a flea market (thanks, Captain Vic!), and then in middle school delved into superheroes with the X-Men cartoon and the Death of Superman. See, media tie-ins and event comics can bring in new readers! Soon, Shaun was utterly corrupted by Sam Kieth's The Maxx and Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen's House of Secrets, introducing the wonder of "Mature Readers" comics at an age he kind of wasn't, really. Shaun can be found on Twitter at @FasterthanShaun rampaging about comics and politics.

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