Articles by Robert Taylor


REFLECTIONS: Talking with "Necromancer's" Joshua Ortega

Joshua Ortega and Francis Manapul's work on "Necromancer" received rave reviews, but the title's coming to a close with issue #6. Ortega updates readers on the future of that title, what would have been had "Beowulf" continued publishing and much more.


REFLECTIONS: Bedard/Orfalas talk "Retro Rocket"

Robert sits down with Tony Bedard and Jason Orfalas, the creators of "Retro Rocket," a new mini-series from Image Comics. The duo talk about the nine-year journey it took for the series to see the light of day.


REFLECTIONS: Talking with Artist Frazer Irving

Frazer Irving found himself with a whole new set of fans with the publication of "Klarion the Witch Boy." The artist is now wowing a whole new set of fans with his work on "Iron Man: Inevitable." Robert Taylor sat down with Irving to discuss his work.


COMIC CULTURE / REFLECTIONS: Talking with Ethan Van Sciver

Week two of Robert Taylor's interview column at CBR brings an interview with one of the biggest stars in comics today, Ethan Van Sciver. What are Ethan's thoughts on his "Green Lantern" run and what's to come from "Superman/Batamn?" Come on in and find out.


COMIC CULTURE: Talking with Mike Carey

Beginning today, CBR is proud to host Robert Taylor's long-running interview column COMIC CULTURE. In the inaugural CBR edition, Robert sits down with recently announced "X-Men" writer Mike Carey to discuss the plans he has for the series, plus a number of other subjects along the way.

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