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Reflections: Hugh Sterbakov

"Freshmen" writer Hugh Sterbakov talks about the "Summer Vacation Special" and what the kids have been up to on their break. He also teases what fans can expect from the third volume of the sleeper-hit series.


REFLECTIONS: J. Michael Straczynski, Part II

J.M. Straczynski returns to talk about "The Twelve," what team ups you will (and will not) see in "The Brave and the Bold," his thoughts on Superman's marriage, and gives some advice to burgeoning writers and artists.


REFLECTIONS: J. Michael Straczynski, Part I

J. Michael Straczynski talks about "Changeling," his new film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie, "Thor," "One More Day," and tells us the highs and lows of his prolific career in comics, television and now film.


REFLECTIONS: Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik, Part II

Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik talks to CBR about the success of the first Pilot Season initiative and how he plans to make the second even better. Plus, a scoop on "Madame Mirage" and the "Wanted" and "Witchblade" films.


REFLECTIONS: Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik, Part I

With the "Broken Trinity" crossover, "Witchblade," the new "Darkness" and "Freshmen Summer Special" and a new Pilot Season, it's a busy time for Top Cow, as publisher Filip Sablik explains to CBR in this week's REFLECTIONS.



Tony Bedard talks to CBR's Robert Taylor about "Birds of Prey," having Barbara Gordon and The Joker meet for the first time since "The Killing Joke," and looks at "Countdown to Final Crisis" in retrospect.



Esteemed writer and artist Dan Jurgens stops by REFLECTIONS to speak with about his return to Tangent Comics, drawing DC's hit "Booster Gold," his Metamorpho origin story, and much more.


REFLECTIONS #242: Chris Morgan & Kevin Walsh

BOOM! Studios Month continues with Chris Morgan and Kevin Walsh, co-writers of “Salem: Queen of Thorns,” who stop by to talk about their wicked colonial tale of real witches and the hero who stands against them.


REFLECTIONS #240: Mark Waid

Mark Waid stops by to talk about his job as Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios, what he looks for in comics pitches that come across his desk, and his work on “Brave and the Bold” and “The Flash.”



The new inker of DC's "Green Lantern Corps" and industry veteran of more titles than can be counted, Drew Geraci speaks to CBR News about his career and the future of inking in an increasingly digital world.


REFLECTIONS #238: Jeff Katz

Writer/producer Jeff Katz may be in Australia making the "Wolverine" film, but he's also stopping by REFLECTIONS to talk about what got him into comics and what's ahead as his first year on "Booster Gold" rockets toward its conclusion.


REFLECTIONS #236: Aaron Lopresti

With his upcoming stint on "Wonder Woman" about to commence, Aaron Lopresti stops by REFLECTIONS to talk to CBR's Robert Taylor about the Amazon princess and his career up to this point.


Quesada Gets Dunked @ MegaCon

Saturday afternoon in Florida, Joe Quesada announced his new Q&A Column My Cup O' Joe will premiere at MySpace, then gave fans a chance to soak him in a dunk tank for charity. We've got the photos.


REFLECTIONS #235: Marc Guggenheim, Part II

Marc Guggenheim continues his visit to REFLECTIONS with a conversation about the creation of ABC's hit new show "Eli Stone" and his new comic book series from Oni Press, "Resurrection."


REFLECTIONS #234: Marc Guggenheim, Part I

Marc Guggenheim stops by REFLECTIONS in the first of a two-part interview to talk about his first arc on "Amazing Spider-Man," killing off a Flash and his thoughts on Mark Waid's run on the re-launched book.


REFLECTIONS #233: Ron Marz, Part II

Ron Marz continues his conversation with CBR's Robert Taylor, discussing in-depth his work on "Witchblade," "Sinestro Corps War," "Friday the 13th: Bad Land," and updates fans on "Samurai: Heaven and Earth."


REFLECTIONS #232: Ron Marz, Part I

Ron Marz discusses with CBR's Robert Taylor Top Cow's successful "First Born" crossover, hints about this summer's sequel, and talks about writing "Witchblade" through 2010 and possibly beyond.


REFLECTIONS #231: Brian Michael Bendis, Part 2

Brian Michael Bendis returns to talk about Stuart Immonen, "Ultimate Spider-Man's" sales, when he'll know it's time to leave "Powers", and much more. Also, his weirdest convention experience is one for the ages.


REFLECTIONS #230: Brian Michael Bendis, Part I

In this first of a massive two-part interview, writer Brian Michael Bendis dishes on "Secret Invasion," the Avengers, and his ever-evolving relationship with fans. Plus exclusive pages from "New Avengers" #38.

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