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Bringing Real Steel's Robots To Life

Spinoff Online pays a visit to the Detroit set of Real Steel, where production designer Tom Meyer discusses the challenges of breathing life into the sci-fi drama's mechanical powerhouses.


The Rise Of Robot Boxing And Real Steel

Director Shawn Levy and star Hugh Jackman detail the evolution of robot boxing in the near-future world of Real Steel, and explain how their film differs from the Richard Matheson short story on which it's loosely based.


Don Payne on Writing "Fantastic Four 2"

CBR News and Comics2Film present an interview with "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" screenwriter Don Payne in which he discusses bringing the Surfer to the silver screen.


REVIEW: "The Punisher"

Our old friend Rob Worley checks back in with a look at Marvel Comics' latest cinematic offering, "The Punisher."

CBR Exclusives

C2F has an exclusive still shot from the upcoming 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.' Click through to see the image, plus news on 'Battle Royale,' 'Wonder Twins,' 'Silver Spyder,' 'Sripperella,' check out the 'X2' Mazda RX-8 and MUCH more!


REVIEW: 'American Splendor': No Phony Crap

A inspiring tale about a real hero who goes on a great adventure, cheats death, saves a little girl, finds true love and lives happily ever after. You won't find any of that "phony Hollywood crap" in "American Splendor."


CHICAGO DAY 2: Larocca Exclusive to Marvel

Fans of Salvador Larocca's signature sleek lines in the pages of Marvel's X-Books can look forward to more of it to come: Marvel announced it had signed the artist to a four year contract at the X-Men panel Saturday in Chicago.

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